Digital Forms in Healthcare Go Beyond Patient Information

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Digital forms for healthcare providers can offer similar benefits as they do for patients. Credentialing and payer enrollment applications can be swiftly accomplished.

Austin, TX (PRUnderground) August 23rd, 2022

Digital forms in healthcare are the standard for processing patient information inside and outside of facilities. Recently, facility administrators are finding new uses relevant to healthcare providers thanks to medical credentialing software.

The popularity and prevalence of online patient intake forms skyrocketed during the pandemic. Processing all data online helps facilities reduce unnecessary expenses, improve accuracy of patient information, ensure the security of Protected Health Information (PHI), and expedite administrative workflows.

Digital forms for healthcare providers can offer many of the same benefits. Credentialing, payer enrollment, applications for priveleges, requests for facility appointments, and more require a lot of time and effort from both providers and administrators.

Printing, scanning, and mailing these applications may not cost a lot up front, yet it is a much larger expense when you include the time it takes the healthcare provider and their administrator to complete the tasks involved.

Migrating to digital forms for healthcare administration reduces the physical costs of paper, physical storage, as well as the extensive amount of time and effort that is needed to fully complete their associated processes—ultimately reducing healthcare waste.

Healthcare is a fast-paced industry that necessitates quick, accurate, and efficient outcomes. Digital forms for healthcare provider workflows reduce the extensive amount of time associated with manual, paper-based workflows. Moreover, providers no longer need to duplicate their efforts to complete similar documents as information can be automatically populated from their individual safe that contains all of their credentials.

At the same time, using paper forms and applications opens the door for clerical errors to occur. It could be as simple as misreading a healthcare professional’s handwriting or not having all of the information needed.

With digital forms and auto-population of healthcare provider data, these complications are avoided. Furthermore, applications can be completed with an E-Signature, cutting down on the time it takes to obtain a “wet signature” from a healthcare provider busy spending time with patients.

Lastly, storing digital forms for healthcare providers in a secured system lets the appropriate people access them as needed. Ready Doc™ by Intiva Health  uses Hashgraph DLT to minimize cybersecurity breaches. The aBFT consensus protocol is highest security standard for consensus algorithms and healthcare provider documents can still be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

The primary goal of digital health technology is helping medical facilities increase access to healthcare while reducing the cost of care for patients.

With automated payer enrollment, credentialing, and other administrative tasks made possible by digital forms, healthcare professionals are able to expand patient care.

Included within this objective is using digital health technology such as a free medical credentialing software to reduce the cost of healthcare delivery through consolidation and coordination of services.

About Ready Doc™

Ready Doc™, developed by Intiva Health, is a medical credentialing software that uses distributed ledger technology to create the most secure solution available. Tens of thousands of healthcare organizations and providers use the software to expedite the credentialing process, maintain compliance, and complete payer enrollment or other administrative tasks.

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