Digital Healthcare Membership Program, Ardina, Launching this June

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Ardina, a digital based healthcare membership program, will be launching this June, offering a complement to existing health insurance

Columbus, Ohio (PRUnderground) May 25th, 2015

As a growing number of Americans become more and more frustrated with their healthcare experiences, Ardina™ is excited to announce its official launch this coming June. Founded in Columbus, OH, Ardina is a healthcare membership program providing 24/7 telemedicine support with licensed physicians as well as discounts on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses like prescriptions and dental services.  Ardina will be available in most states starting June 2015.  A select group of startups, including Columbus-based ContentVia, have already joined Ardina and will begin offering the new membership program to their employees as a benefits program this summer.  Ardina is NOT insurance, but is instead a complement to insurance.  Ardina provides access to digital healthcare services and discounts to reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses.  Healthcare deductibles have doubled since 2003, according to a January 2015 report from the Commonwealth Fund, and to combat this Ardina is making healthcare more affordable and easier to use, with plans starting at $10/month.

Shaun Young, founder and CEO of Ardina, is excited to partner with ContentVia, a boutique sales and marketing agency that specializes in working with other start-ups.  He states:

“We are ecstatic to have ContentVia lead the way as one of our first Ardina customers here in Columbus.  As a fellow Ohio small business, ContentVia is a great example of the type of organization that understands the necessity of being able to offer health and wellness benefits to their employees to attract and retain great talent. We hope that through partnerships with ContentVia and other fellow start-ups we can pioneer this program all throughout the US.”

Ryan McManus, President of ContentVia and Ardina’s first customer, feels strongly that Ardina will be a viable healthcare solution for startups. Ryan states:

“As a startup founder myself, I know how important every individual is to my company’s success, yet I also recognize the risk employees take in joining a startup. So for me, deciding to offer Ardina’s service to my employees just made sense.  For most startups, not being able to offer your employees any healthcare benefits makes it harder to attract top talent.  We are excited to be one of Ardina’s first customers!”

Ardina_Logo_Color_-1280.pngWhat is Ardina? Ardina is a digital-based healthcare membership program focused on saving members time, money, and confusion on their daily healthcare needs.  It is not insurance, but a program that reduces the cost of care and makes healthcare more convenient and accessible from anywhere.

What could be considered the ‘AAA membership’ of consumer healthcare, Ardina provides members with real-time assistance and relief when they need it as well as negotiated rates for other health and wellness maintenance and lifestyle needs such as chiropractic services, LASIK procedures, and even medical bill arbitration. Ardina is not health insurance, but is intended to be a complement to health insurance, just like AAA membership is a complement to car insurance.  Annual Select membership fees are under $150/member annually, which permits unlimited access to teledoctors and counselors, as well as Rx discounts.

What benefits does Ardina offer? 

24/7 Access to licensed teledoctors and counselors – Members can access licensed doctors 24/7 via phone or video chat, and healthcare professionals like counselors, pharmacists, dietitians, fitness experts, and can be accessed online

Location-based tools that help find area providers and doctors – Ardina’s location-based online application allows members to search in their area for member pharmacies, vision centers, dental practices, and chiropractic providers

Discounts on prescriptions and appointments – Ardina members get discounts on Rx prescriptions at any of Ardina’s thousands of partner pharmacies, nationwide

Discounts on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses– Ardina members with Premium memberships can get member group rates on many out-of-pocket dental, vision, and chiropractic products and services at member network locations, nationwide

Ardina memberships will be available starting June 2015.  Sign up to learn more at and save 10% on memberships until launch. Learn more about Ardina at

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Ardina, located in Columbus, OH, is a digital based healthcare membership program focused on saving members time, money, and confusion on their daily healthcare needs. Ardina is NOT insurance, but it is a complement to insurance. Ardina provides access to digital healthcare services and discounts to reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses. Learn more about Ardina at

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