Digital Wellness Non-Profit A-GAP Launches “Step Back From Tech” Initiative

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Urges Americans to Go Offline for One Hour a Day to Offset the Tech Increase that Physical Distancing has Caused

Fort Pierce, FL (PRUnderground) April 24th, 2020

At a time when many Americans are glued to cable news, working from home on computers, and communicating solely by mobile phone, digital wellness non-profit, A-GAP, announced today a new initiative that encourages people to unplug from their electronic devices for one designated hour a day – to, in effect, create ‘a gap’ from an overconsumption of technology.

The organization hopes to underscore the importance of scheduling a daily period of designated “down time”, away from stressful triggers, negative news stories, and an overdependence on electronic devices. While replacing that time intentionally with activities that are life-giving.

With their new initiative, A-GAP, a non-profit foundation that helps people establish and maintain a healthy relationship with technology, recommends intentionally powering down once a day in order to rediscover, restore, and reinvigorate yourself during this extremely trying time.

“When we overconsume information, without taking the time to mindfully process, it can be detrimental to our overall health and wellbeing,” says Bethany Baker, Executive Director of A-GAP.

“While participating in physical distancing and isolation, many of us are compelled to constantly check our social media feeds and news sources which can significantly raise stress, anxiety, and depression levels.”

Something that Bethany Baker does in order to take time to mindfully process what she is experiencing is to journal. Through journaling you are able to externally process how you are felling and identify why you are feeling that way, which might bring some relief simply by identifying how you feel.

Americans’ consumption of news is skyrocketing. According to market analysis by television measurement agency Alphonso, cable news networks are seeing viewership numbers up some 50% since the beginning of 2020. And studies suggest that simply watching news coverage of a traumatic event can trigger acute stress symptoms.

“With the current pandemic disrupting all facets of life, from our livelihoods to our physical and mental health, it’s more important than ever to take time to reflect and recharge,” says Natalie Sexton, President of A-GAP. “Taking just one hour a day to focus on positive affirmations, and purposely staying away from sources of distracting noise, can do wonders for self-growth and harmony.”

The organization recommends using this daily tech-free hour to meditate, journal, explore a creative project, cook a meal, or simply spend quality time with those family members in isolation with you.

For those interested in learning more about ‘creating A-GAP’ between themselves and technology in order to thrive both professionally and personally, visit

Participants in the one-hour initiative are urged to show the creative and productive ways they’re spending their tech-free hour by sharing photos tagged @agaplife on Instagram and using #CreateAGAP.

About A-GAP

A-GAP provides experiences for those seeking a technology free environment for contemplation and spiritual rejuvenation. A-GAP experiences allow tech-weary participants to explore creation, engage in community, enhance creativity, and execute change. Their goal is to equip participants with practical ways to implement healthy technology habits in order to thrive both professionally and personally. Journey with A-GAP to clarity, unity, and simplicity.

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