Distribute Power BI Dashboards & Reports To Unlimited Users With Single Power BI License Using PBRS

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PBRS gives added power to Power BI by allowing businesses to fully automate sharing and distribution to an unlimited amount of users with a single Power BI license.

Charlotte, US (PRUnderground) April 17th, 2018

There is no longer a need to buy multiple Power BI licenses in order to distribute Power BI dashboards and reports across your organization, or to send reports to customers and partners.


ChristianSteven Software, a leader in automated report scheduling for Power BI, SSRS, Crystal Reports and MS access, just released a new Power BI tool that seeks to ease the frustration and enormous costs associated with scaling report distribution across an entire organization.

PBRS enables organizations to distribute and share Power BI dashboards and reports to unlimited users using a single Power BI license. The tool replaces the need to buy multiple Power BI licenses for every user within an organization that needs access to reports and dashboards. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to purchase and manage multiple licenses, PBRS allows an administrator to distribute any type of report or dashboard in multiple formats to unlimited users with one license.

“We’ve spent over 15 years working through these solutions for our customers and what we’ve developed is software that subtracts the enormous cost of paying for users, and combines that with a tool that automates and executes business process workflows and reporting based on schedules and event triggers”, says CEO Christian Ofori-Boateng. “The combined impact of cost-savings and efficiency through automation has helped our customers simplify many functions of their business and save money while doing it.”

Data security is a serious concern for any organization. PBRS does not send information to ChristianSteven Software. Instead, the PBRS Power BI scheduler is fully embedded into an organization’s on-premise environment, making it more secure than cloud-based alternatives.

Additionally, PBRS integrates seamlessly with Active Directory to ensure that enterprise security policies are not changed or compromised by the introduction of a new tool. It even goes a step further by allowing PDF outputs to be encrypted and password protected before delivery. PBRS also includes zip encryption and password protection for Excel.

The functionality and features that extend Power BI without sacrificing security will quickly place PBRS as the leading solution for organizations with a need for secure Power BI dashboard and report distribution without wanting to shell out thousands of dollars per months in user license fees. This makes PBRS particularly attractive to industries like healthcare, banking, and government.

To learn more about PBRSvisit christiansteven.com to download a free trial, which includes the full version of the software, along with free setup, training and support.

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ChristianSteven Software has helped over 1,000 organizations in over 47 countries automate report distribution and sharing in Power BI, SSRS, Crystal Reports and MS Access at a fraction of the cost — building efficiency, security and cost-savings into the very product CEOs, stakeholders, and engineers rely on to automate business process workflows and get things done.

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