dnaPower: Genetic Testing For Diet And Exercise To Help People Take Power Over Their Health

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Experience a health transformation with in-home DNA testing and analysis for diet, fitness, health, and mental wellness.

Vancouver, British Columbia (PRUnderground) February 5th, 2020

It’s 2020 and at-home DNA tests have the power to inform us about a lot more than just our ancestry. A Vancouver based company called “dnaPower Inc.” provides everyday people access to DNA based diet, fitness, health and mental wellness testing and reporting. In addition to testing at their CLIA certified Canadian lab, dnaPower has introduced a new capability to perform their analysis and reports based on raw DNA data generated from 3rd party direct to consumer genetic companies like 23andMe and Ancestry DNA. Clients can simply upload their raw DNA data on dnaPower’s website to generate their reports. This opens a cross-section of over 26 million people who have taken an at-home DNA test and wouldn’t need to have their DNA re-tested.

dnaPower clients can now use their raw DNA data to learn about their genetic predispositions to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, lactose, vitamins, hormones and much more. Using this information, people can better manage their weight, prevent disease and improve performance. dnaPower provides the most comprehensive DNA testing for preventative health. DNA test kits are available for diet (dietPower), fitness (fitPower), health (healthPower) and mental wellness (brainPower) with over 70 areas and 200 genetic markers tested. They provide easy-to-read personalized reports to help clients make smarter health decisions grounded in personal genetic data. Actionable tips are included to help clients make positive changes right away on areas where their genetics are weak. The DNA reports are further explained and action plans discussed through an online consultation with a certified nutritionist.

Clients can experience a health transformation when they eat and exercise for their genes.

Imagine the power of knowing what foods your body thrives off of. What if you have weak protein genes that caused you to gain weight on a paleo diet? What if you have weak fat genes that made you sick on a keto diet? What if your genes put you at risk in recovering poorly from brain injuries? What vitamins are most important to remain healthy?

In this new generation of preventative health, people can take power over their health from home using information from their DNA.

About dnaPower Inc

dnaPower was one of the first in the world to offer DNA health testing, launching in 2008. They saw enormous potential for new DNA technology to help support people’s health and wellness, particularly in diet and fitness. dnaPower was a pioneer in applying leading-edge gene research to develop targeted gene panels. Since then, they have been providing personalized testing and professional support to help people like you make better, data-driven decisions about your health. With years of experience, dnaPower provides clear results and specific recommendations to help you take proactive and positive action for your unique body.

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