Does Riding a Small Size HIPEAK Fat Tire E-bike Cause Range Anxiety?

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According to Wikipedia, “range anxiety” is the term used to describe the fear or worry that electric bike riders may experience when they believe that their bike does not have sufficient range to reach their intended destination, leading to concerns about potentially getting stranded en route.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) April 3rd, 2023

According to Wikipedia, “range anxiety” is the term used to describe the fear or worry that electric bike riders may experience when they believe that their bike does not have sufficient range to reach their intended destination, leading to concerns about potentially getting stranded en route.

This term first used in a 1997 article about electric cars in the American media, where it was used to describe the emotions experienced while driving an electric car.

Time has passed, and with the continuous development and growth of electric bicycles, the range of electric-assisted power has also increased several times compared to before. People now have enough confidence in the range capabilities of electric bicycles. However, there are still doubts about the “small battery” of small folding electric bicycles. I have been commuting to work on a HiPeak folding electric bike for a month, so let’s see if there is really any range anxiety with small electric-assisted bikes!

What can you do to reduce range anxiety?

You can control your range anxiety by purchasing your electric bike from a reputable manufacturer. Leading electric bike motor and battery manufacturers understand that the quality of the motor and durability of the battery system are crucial for their brand reputation and your benefit.

If you buy an electric bike at a fully inclusive price of $500, don’t expect its battery system to be reliable and long-lasting. Although the electric bike may work fine for a while, real trouble may arise shortly after the one-year warranty period expires, such as sudden battery failure, a broken ignition lock, corroded wires, a faulty charger, a malfunctioning motor, or a constantly resetting display screen. As consumers, we should be aware that unreliable manufacturers will ultimately provide you with either a scrapped electric bike or one with no range.

HiPEAK folding electric bike actual range

In terms of range anxiety, electric bicycles have a significant advantage over other electric vehicles: pedals. If your battery runs out while riding, you can always pedal to your destination. Some may argue that electric bicycles are heavy, and pedaling without electric assistance would be exhausting. However, we’re talking about small folding electric bicycles here, like the HiPeak Bona, which has a net weight of 28 kilograms and can be easily lifted by women.

In practical use, there are many unstable factors that can affect the range of an electric bicycle. The riding style and habits of the rider can also indirectly affect the battery’s range. In this article, we will discuss the four main factors that affect the actual range of small fat-tire electric bicycles in detail.

Battery capacity

As is well known, the capacity of the battery is a decisive factor in the range of an electric bicycle. The greater the battery power, the further your electric fat tire bike can go. For example, the HiPeak Bona is equipped with a high-power 48V 15AH lithium battery, providing users with a range of 60 miles to ensure that users have enough capacity for any round trip.

In addition, the number of charging cycles and the frequency of battery use will also affect the range of the battery, and this wear is irreversible. When the battery is charged, lithium ions are generated on the positive electrode of the battery, and the lithium ions move from the positive electrode to the negative electrode through the electrolyte. Similarly, when the battery is discharged, the lithium ions move back from the negative electrode to the positive electrode. With the passage of time, this process is repeated, and the wear gradually increases, which reduces the capacity of the battery.

Load weight

I believe everyone has experienced this phenomenon while riding: if the total weight of the rider and items is lighter, we can travel further; on the other hand, if the bike is loaded with items and combined with the rider’s weight, the motor requires more power to move forward. This action consumes more battery energy to supply the motor, thereby shortening the total range of small electric fat tire bicycles.

We have found that lighter electric bicycles have more advantages compared to heavier electric bicycles. HiPeak is a foldable electric bike based on high-end components, which is lighter in weight and can help users carry more items. Its foldability makes it easy to move and use flexibly. With a payload capacity of 350 pounds, the bike with the battery weighs only 28 kilograms, which not only meets the daily commuting needs of users but also meets the needs of bike enthusiasts for longer range.

Acceleration method

Acceleration is also one of the aspects of fat tire e-bikes that consume power. You may notice that in throttle mode, directly accelerating with full throttle will consume more power. When riding in stop-and-go traffic, try accelerating while pedaling at the same time. If you step on the pedals while accelerating, not only can you reduce battery consumption but also ensure safe riding. After all, controlling with full throttle can be more challenging, and the bike is easily “jerky.”

Accelerating while pedaling can save battery energy. It allows the battery to maintain more power, increase range, extend riding time, and enable riders to have sufficient energy to reach other destinations.

The use of pedal assist

With a full charge, using different levels of pedal assist will end up showing different range. Using a higher level of pedal assist will drain the battery and reduce the bike’s range, while using a lower level of pedal assist will consume less battery, allowing you to ride further.

So, how can you avoid range anxiety every time you ride your bike? Here are some great ways you can eliminate range anxiety.

Making full use of different riding modes

If riding an electric bike involves various terrains or navigating through stop-and-go traffic before reaching less congested areas, the recommendation to pedal is important. Use a higher pedal assist mode when going uphill or away from traffic lights, and then take full advantage of lower assist modes when the terrain is flat.

Knowing your remaining power

One of the most significant way to alleviate range anxiety is to accurately know the remaining battery level on your electric bike. There are various types of battery level displays for electric bikes, but the two most common ones are LED voltage indicators and LCD screen watt meters. For example, the HiPeak compact fat tire folding electric bike has an LCD screen that clearly shows the remaining battery level.

LED voltage indicators are typically integrated into the throttle and work by measuring the battery voltage rather than its actual capacity. Voltage provides a rough indication of battery capacity, as it decreases as the battery capacity reduces.

However, the voltage drop under this circumstance is not a linear relationship with the decrease in capacity. Therefore, LED battery indicators that measure the battery pack voltage are inaccurate. At best, they can give you a rough idea of whether your bike’s power is full, partially depleted, or completely depleted. They cannot accurately tell you the remaining battery capacity.

On the other hand, wattmeters and cycle analyzers can measure the exact amount of electricity used at every moment, so they can accurately tell you how much energy the battery has consumed. These instruments are very accurate, and over time, you can truly understand how much energy the battery can provide.

Carrying a charger or a second battery

Although a spare electric bike charger or a second battery may seem extravagant, they can come in handy when unexpected events occur in your life. They are small in size, and can be stored in a desk or storage cabinet, and are lightweight, making them easy to carry in a backpack or shoulder bag.

Any type of bike powered by onboard energy will have a range limit. As batteries become smaller and cheaper, the range of small electric bicycles will continue to increase. Meanwhile, learning to adapt to your electric bike will allow you to enjoy hours of enjoyable riding and travel for dozens of miles. If the worst happens and your battery runs out of power, remember that pedals can also easily get you and your small fat-tire electric bike to your destination.


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