Does Your Water Heater Need Replacement? Details A 2023 ThreeBestRated® Award-Winning Plumbing Company From Aurora

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Aurora, Ontario (PRUnderground) March 4th, 2023

None of us can describe how soothing the warm bath is. A warm bath has so many benefits – it soothes sore muscles, alleviates pain, eases blood circulation, promotes sleep, and so on. Studies have shown that warm baths aid with stress and anxiety. People like to have it as it refreshes both the body and mind. Therefore, a water heater is one of the essential and most used appliances in every home, and at the same time, it is one of the most repairable things due to its over usage.

The majority of people would go for replacement only after it goes beyond repair, which is actually dangerous as it could expose you to electrocution. When your water heater is underperforming you could notice a few signs that indicate the replacement -says Cirton Plumbing & Drains Ltd., a highly reputed plumbing service company from Aurora, ON. The firm goes on to list out those signs for you.

The signs are…

  • Fluctuation: There will be a fluctuation in the temperature of the water if the unit is not working properly. The water will change its temperature constantly and suddenly – from cold to warm or from warm to cold.
  • Leakage: It happens due to pressure build-up inside the tank when either the water pressure/temperature is too high or the relief valve is not working properly. It should be checked as early as possible, or else it will lead to a tank explosion.
  • Odd Noise: This happens when the sediment deposits inside the tank which hardens as days pass by and produces a colliding sound. This indicates that your heater needs immediate flushing.
  • Cloudy Or Rusty Noise With Bad Smell: Discolored water (yellow in color) with a pungent smell is also an indication of the unit’s underperformance.
  • Rusty water indicates that either the tank or the anode rod has started to rust.
  • Cloudy water indicates the sediments deposited under the tank need to be flushed.
  • Lukewarm Water: Due to underperformance, the heater can’t heat the water and will produce either lukewarm water or cold water.

These are the signs that show your water heater is about to die and you need to hire a plumbing company at the earliest possible to not jeopardize the safety of your family – explains the firm.

About Cirton Plumbing & Drains Ltd.:

Cirton Plumbing & Drains Ltd. is a reliable and prominent plumbing service company in Aurora, ON, which is owned and operated by Mike Cirone for over 30 years. As they are professional and licensed plumbers, they can give you practical solutions to all your plumbing-related problems. Being a customer-oriented service provider, the firm has a greater understanding of the customer’s needs and requirements. Therefore, it guarantees its customers a timely service at a reasonable price without compromising the quality. Following their sole motto, “Charge by job, not by the hour”, they charge you no hidden cost and deliver a quality service as they completely emphasize customer satisfaction.

Recently they have won the 2023 ThreeBestRated® award for being a top plumbing service in Aurora, ON. This is their fourth time receiving this honor which sheds some light on their credibility and excellency in what they are doing. On receiving the award, Mike says, “I care about customer service; I listen to the clients and provide professional work at a reasonable rate”.

Customers can expect all kinds of plumbing services such as drain and sewage, faucet installations, repairs and replacement, toilet repair, installation, and replacements, new water main installs and repairs, complete shower system installation and repairs, water heater, camera inspection, water proofreading, and so on. They offer 24×7 emergency service with no extra charges too!

To get your quote, visit their website:

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