Don’t Let Foot Problems Spoil Your Vacation: Tips from Xenna

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Carol J. Buck, CEO of Xenna Corporation (, manufacturer of patented, natural foot care products NonyX® Nail Gel and CalleX® Exfoliating Dry Heel Ointment, says planning a vacation or business trip should always take potential foot problems into account.

Princeton, NJ (PRUnderground) July 22nd, 2011

Carol J. Buck, CEO of Xenna Corporation (, manufacturer of patented, natural foot care products NonyX® Nail Gel and CalleX® Exfoliating Dry Heel Ointment, says planning a vacation or business trip should always take potential foot problems into account.

It’s easy to forget that the feet often bear the brunt of increased activity when traveling. By taking some simple precautions, minor foot problems can be avoided. Here are five tips for a comfortable travel experience:

1. First and foremost – comfortable shoes are a must.
Buck says, “Your feet become your best friend on a trip because you usually do a lot more walking and other physical activity. While new, fashionable flip-flops may be at the top of the list for many when shopping for vacation footwear, it’s important to keep in mind how your feet may feel in them at the end of a long, busy day.

Don’t take a new pair of ANY shoes or sandals with you unless you have walked in them for at least a day to make sure they don’t rub uncomfortably or are too loose.”

Podiatrists recommend wearing supportive shoes on trips, and doing foot stretching exercises in the morning before starting a long day of walking.

2. Try not to go barefoot through airport security. While requirements call for removing shoes when proceeding through security checkpoints, always remember to wear socks.

3. Select supportive footwear. A comfortable, supportive athletic shoe allows feet to breathe, receive enough cushioning and prevent bruises or stubbed toes.

4. Exercise your feet. While sitting, roll your ankles and point toes up and down to encourage blood flow. If your feet begin to swell, unlace your shoes.

5. Pack a foot care kit. Adhesive bandages, foot powder, antibiotic cream, tweezers, and nail clippers should be included with other toiletries.

Vacations also provide extra time for pampering feet that have been neglected over the winter. How feet look while wearing sandals and going barefoot at the shore, on the boat or in the pool is an added concern for those with unsightly feet or toenails.

Xenna’s natural foot care products make a great addition to a foot care travel kit. A leader in natural, diabetic-friendly foot care, Xenna distributes topicals NonyX Nail Gel and CalleX Exfoliating Dry Heel Ointment throughout the U.S. in chain drugstores and mass retailers, including WalMart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS and others.

CalleX Ointment ( and NonyX Nail Gel ( address the stubborn problems of dry heels and discolored, thickened toenails that can make feet and toenails unattractive.

For those too embarrassed by dry, cracked feet to bare them in sandals, acid-free, diabetic-friendly CalleX Ointment offers a fast-acting way to keep feet soft and smooth. CalleX quickly thins and softens hardened, thickened skin and removes dry, cracked or scaly buildup. CalleX is used and sold by many podiatrists, but can also be purchased in the foot care section of chain drugstores and mass retailers.

Free of potentially irritating acids, colorants, parabens and lanolin, the natural enzymes in CalleX exfoliate ONLY dry, hardened skin, leaving normal skin unaffected, as it moisturizes and rejuvenates dry, cracked heels.

Lightly fragranced with refreshing peppermint oil, CalleX Ointment is sold in a 1.75 oz. jar. With daily use, complete exfoliation and/or softening takes between 2 and 4 weeks without the need for daily heel or foot scraping.

For unsightly toenails, Xenna’s patented, diabetic-friendly NonyX Nail Gel exfoliates the dark, yellow granular material called keratin debris, which can build up under nails over time. With regular use, the gel softens, breaks down and then clears out unattractive keratin debris so it can be scraped out from under the nail beginning after about four weeks.

Once keratin debris is removed, NonyX Gel keeps nails looking clear and attractive with regular use.

$4 and $5 rebate coupons for NonyX Nail Gel and CalleX Ointment are available at

NonyX can be found in the footcare aisle at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid (larger stores), Duane Reade, Kinney Drugs, Kerr Drug, HEB, Publix, many Medicine Shoppes, ShopKo and Harris Teeter.

CalleX Ointment is available in the footcare aisle at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kinney Drugs, Publix, many Medicine Shoppes, Kerr Drug and Stop & Shop.

Both products are also available online at and

Xenna products are biodegradable, contain no animal byproducts and are not tested on animals.

About Xenna: Based in Princeton, NJ, Xenna’s mission is to provide innovative solutions in personal care. Reflecting the success of that mission, the company was a recipient of the TOP 50 Research Facilities Award in 2006.

Xenna is a privately-held, woman-owned company which develops and distributes natural personal care products for skin, hair and nails. To contact them call 800-368-6003 (business hours, Mon-Friday Eastern Time).

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