Dr. Alexander Jimenez has won the 2021 ThreeBestRated® award for one of the top rated Chiropractors in El Paso

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El Paso, TX (PRUnderground) March 18th, 2021

Dr. Alexander Jimenez, Founder and Chiropractic Doctor of Injury Medical Clinic, has won the 2021 ThreeBestRated® award for one of the top rated Chiropractors in El Paso, TX. Dr. Alex has been consistently listed as one of the top rated Chiropractors by ThreeBestRated® since 2016. And he is honored to receive the award once again in 2021.

“It humbly gives me sincere joy in being chosen as a top clinical specialist among the ThreeBestRated® Chiropractors and other leading doctors in our El Paso, Texas community,” Dr. Alex says. ” It is truly a welcome validation from my community and its professional that gives our office great honor. To that end, we feel we represent what our mentors and teachers envisioned for our new world order,” he further adds.

His early age:

From his young age, Dr. Alex had a passion for helping and serving people. “A child of much love, my grandmother was my most outstanding mentor and caregiver. She was the one who taught me that serving man was the best way to serve our God. Service in health was to be and is my lifelong goal,” he says proudly.

He began his health care career at the age of 16, working as an Emergency Room Patient Transporter. “It was there that the love of taking care of individuals took hold of my life. Spending time delivering patients to their clinical treatment programs gave me deep insight into how patients feel when suffering from vast clinical presentations. From that point, serving patients became my lifelong endeavor,” he explains.

The unexpected turn:

A few years later, Dr. Alex’s life took an unexpected turn. He was met with a massive car crash that nearly left him disabled. And it was a chiropractor who helped him recover. “Seeing how he cared about me and the deep insights on physical rehabilitation ignited a path to learn more about Chiropractic and Physical Medicine Sciences. My passion for helping others now had a direction. In hindsight, it became clear to me that Chiropractic chose me,” he says.

He then went on to study Chiropractic at the National University of Health Sciences. He recently received his master’s degree in Advanced Clinical Practice (MSACP), an advanced degree designed for first-professionals health care providers.

Injury Medical Clinic:

Dr. Alex founded Injury Medical Clinic in 1991 with an aim to provide patients advanced clinical care plans based on Evidence-Based Medicine.

“We use diagnostic protocols that are based on sound clinical research and our integrative medicine treatment experiences. Our integrative specialists are comprised of health care professionals from a large number of clinical paradigms rooted in physical medicines, nutrition, Lifestyle, and functional medicine,” Dr. Alex says proudly.

“Our wellness approach focuses on how injuries require deep investigation, treatment, and personalized care into the various systems of human physiology,” he further explains.

For example, a hip injury does not only affect a hip. A non-treated hip injury or chronically degenerated hip directly involves supportive structures and may cause collateral physiological changes to the knees and the cardiovascular systems concomitantly. If left untreated, the patient may even indirectly suffer metabolic syndromes and secondary degenerations, leading to clinical obesity if left unchecked. That is why they take a total wellness approach with every patient.

Dr. Alex has some exciting plans for 2021. “We have implemented an integrative wellness team that reviews all our patient care plans,” he explains.

“This year, as part of our integrative functional medicine and physical medicine approach to care, we are now implementing nutrigenomics into our patients’ clinical nutrition programs,” he further adds. Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes. And Dr. Alex this recent advent to modern nutrition can adjust treatment protocols with specific nutritional care plans specific to every patient.

“We are at a remarkable time in human history as advances in genetics, physical rehabilitation, and recovery programs give us a new way to understand our bodies. It gives us great joy in empowering our patients here on our very own El Paso community with these new forms of clinical collaborative sciences and treatment programs,” he notes.

To know more about Dr. Alexander Jimenez and the treatments he offers, visit his website, dralexjimenez.com. You can also listen to his podcast at www.healthvoice360.com.

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