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Dr. David Crawford Creates New Expert Blog Website on Joint Replacement and Preservation

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David Crawford, a leading orthopedic surgeon, recently launched a new blog website on joint replacement and preservation. Read on to learn more.

New Albany, OH (PRUnderground) May 7th, 2020

Individuals who wish to learn more about the benefits and process of joint replacement or preservation surgery can now take full advantage of a brand-new blog website by leading orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Crawford.

Crawford’s new blog microsite can be found at https://www.drdavidcrawford.com/. The blog site covers his clinic’s specialties of adult knee and hip replacement surgery. He also uses the blog to highlight his specialty areas of partial knee and anterior hip replacement surgeries, which compared with their traditional surgery counterparts allow for a much quicker recovery.

However, Crawford is additionally one of just a handful of Central Ohio surgeons who is adept at performing arthroscopic hip preservation surgery. Therefore, his new blog website also showcases this minimally invasive surgery, which is done to treat labral tears as well as to correct the shape of a patient’s hip.

Arthroscopic Hip Preservation

According to Dr. David Crawford, arthroscopic hip preservation treatment is minimally invasive that can be helpful for correcting abnormalities related to a hip’s shape. This treatment is usually provided for people suffering from femoroacetabular impingement, or FAI.

The process of arthroscopic hip preservation involves using an instrument called an arthroscope to evaluate and treat a hip’s inside area. This instrument features a camera with which a doctor can examine the hip’s interior and perform the surgery safely.

A major benefit of arthroscopic hip preservation is that it requires only 2-3 small incisions. In addition, because the surgery is minimally invasive, you can expect to go home on the same day as your surgery. The treatment is also known to reduce a patient’s pain once he or she completes rehabilitation. In addition, with this procedure, the function of patients’ hips can be restored without their having to undergo joint replacement. In fact, in many cases, patients can resume sports once they have undergone joint preservation treatment.

Medical Tourism                                                                                        

In addition to providing detailed information on joint replacement and preservation treatment, Dr. David Crawford offers insights into another area that he is passionate about: medical tourism at the domestic level.

Medial tourism in the United States essentially means seeking treatment from a high-quality yet lower-cost medical provider. Crawford considers himself to be one of these providers. According to Crawford, patients have the potential to save between 20% and 40% on their hospital costs by choosing him as a joint replacement/preservation service provider.

All in all, Crawford’s chief goal with his new website is to provide the information and inspiration that his readers need to eliminate their pain and improve their quality of life through cost-effective joint replacement or joint preservation.

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