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Dr. Gregory Jantz Offers 5 Easy Tips for a Happier Life

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Renowned author and speaker Dr. Gregory Jantz has studied unhappiness in patients for decades and has helped them discover root sources of their depression as well as lasting resolutions. Here, he shares five simple tips with readers that can be easily implemented for a happier, healthier life.

Seattle, WA (PRUnderground) April 11th, 2019

Dr. Gregory Jantz has helped patients from around the world attain happiness and positive well-being through his revolutionary approach to care. He’s spent decades learning about common disorders (such as depression and chronic stress) and tailoring individual plans for success for each of his patients.

“Happiness is not a feeling or an elusive emotion; it is, in fact, a practice and a lifestyle,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz. “While we can’t avoid disappointment, failure, pain, trauma, or loss, we can choose to show up in our lives each day practicing happiness.

To be happier, Dr. Gregory Jantz believes you can incorporate a few habits that most people usually overlook in their daily lives. The first is creating small pleasures or rediscovering those small things that used to make you happier before the pressures of life became too heavy. He suggests things like reading, taking camping trips, or even waking up a little earlier to enjoy the solitary cup of coffee in the morning.

He also suggests that people regularly engage in some form of exercise, looking for fun outlets (or finding ways to make exercise fun) to avoid feeling burnt out from a single routine. Dr. Jantz mentions that not every form of exercise has to be high-endurance or last for hours. Taking a walk with a friend a few times a week may be enough, or riding a bike around your neighborhood for ten minutes each day.

“Purpose and meaning in life often come through purposeful and meaningful relationships,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz. “I suggest you take inventory of your current relationships and seek to build three critical types of relationships in your life.”

The relationships he believes will help improve your happiness are those with someone older and wiser you can look up to, those with someone around your age who you can relate to, and those with someone younger who you can be a mentor to.

Dr. Gregory Jantz also suggests nourishing your body with healthy eating as often as you can. He asks his patients and readers to consume complex, healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables each day to improve physical, mental, and emotional states.

Lastly, Dr. Jantz suggests adopting an attitude of gratitude to help achieve happiness. In a way, it’s a lifestyle change that allows people to see the brighter side of life each day, and it only takes a little work to achieve.

“Gratitude can be absolutely transformational,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz. “Shifting your perspective from playing the victim or constantly “taking” from life, to being grateful for each moment as it passes, can dramatically shift not only how you show up in life, but also how life shows up for you.”

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