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Dr. John DenBoer Launches New Blog Site on Gourmet Cooking

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Individuals who would like to learn how to become master chefs or simply satiate their palates with world cuisines can now access tips from a brand-new online resource—a new microsite by gourmet chef Dr. John DenBoer.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRUnderground) March 2nd, 2020

The website, which can be found at https://www.johndenboerblog.com/, provides DenBoer’s insights regarding the world’s most popular exotic dishes and delicacies. He also uses the website to highlight the best cooking tips, equipment, tools, and techniques.

According to DenBoer, the website is designed to help food enthusiasts to discover novel dishes that they have never been exposed to, as well as to make their individual culinary processes more efficient and effective going forward.

What the Website Offers                                                                         

Dr. John DenBoer chose to develop the new microsite due to his unique experience with traveling across the globe and tasting local cuisines time and time again. For instance, DenBoer has had the privilege of experiencing exotic foods in North America, Europe, Central America, South America, Asia, and Africa, with Asian cuisine ranking number one in his opinion. Specifically, he loves tasting and preparing beef rendang from Indonesia, as well as paloo from Kyrgyzstan

When DenBoer is not traveling, he leads private gourmet cooking classes. During his classes, he shares his favorite recipes from around the world and also helpful advice for excelling as a gourmet cook. He said he is excited to combine his passion for global food with his passion for education to teach the masses about the ins and outs of top-of-the-line cooking through his new website.

Blogs on the Website

On the new website by Dr. John DenBoer readers can learn about a number of topics related to gourmet cooking and the dynamic culinary field. For instance, they can find out the advantages of hosting cooking sessions for the entire family. Furthermore, they can take a peek at what the ideal gourmet kitchen looks like, including the equipment it contains and the most appropriate design for it. Readers can also learn how to set up their kitchens according to what they plan to cook the most, whether vegetables, fish, or other types of meat, for example.

DenBoer’s main goal with his new website is to inspire more people to prepare their own meals with family and friends. He is also passionate about using his website to motivate more foodies to enter the attractive and potentially rewarding culinary industry in the months ahead.

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