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Dr. John DenBoer PhD Creates New Blog Website on Dementia

Industry: Healthcare

Individuals who wish to learn more about early-stage dementia—a condition that impacts tens of millions of people around the world, as well as their families—can now access a brand-new, informative blog website created by leading clinical neuropsychologist John DenBoer.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRUnderground) February 13th, 2020

The website, which can be found at https://www.drjohndenboerphd.com/, provides a glimpse at what early-stage dementia involves and how to combat it. DenBoer said he chose to create this website because he has seen firsthand how drastically dementia affects patients, and his goal is to help more people to understand it better so that they can better prevent it or address it.

Focus on Dementia

On his new website, John DenBoer provides a primer on dementia, describing it as a condition that causes people to struggle with thinking, using language, solving problems, and remembering information. According to DenBoer, this condition can also cause people’s behaviors and moods to change. Although these issues generally start out small, they can quickly grow to become major issue that affect patients’ daily living capabilities.

DenBoer uses his new website to show readers important signs of early-stage dementia and how to go about getting this condition diagnosed. DenBoer said this is important because the sooner that people are diagnosed with this condition, the sooner they can take full control of this condition. For example, they can explain to friends and family how their lives are changing, and they can implement plans for dealing with these changes going forward.

Brain-Related Tools & Services

John DenBoer also uses his new microsite to discuss a new exercise program he created, called SMART. This program is designed to prevent or reduce the effects associated with dementia in its early stages.

Other tools that DenBoer utilizes and describes on his website include consulting services related to sport neuropsychology. For example, he uses neuropriming to help athletes to train more quickly. This process works by transmitting electrical impulses to the open neural pathways in an athlete’s brain to boost learning.

DenBoer also offers expertise in ADHD and ADD, and he uses his new microsite to clearly explain these conditions as well.

About John DenBoer

John DenBoer possesses years of experience in diagnosing and treating dementia. He began as a VA Boston Healthcare System intern and then became a Barrow Neurological Institute postdoctoral student. During his career, he has been selected multiple times to lead presentations at national, local, and even international conferences due to his demonstrated expertise in today’s constantly evolving neuropsychology field.

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