Driving Successful Lives Helps Uber Driver on Path Back to Work

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Driving Successful Lives stepped in and asked how they could help a man in need.

Michigan (PRUnderground) July 25th, 2019

On Friday, July 12th, 2019 in the early evening, Driving Successful Lives Directors were sharing information about a Facebook Post received from former Michigan resident who is now living in California.  Disturbed by the picture and outreach for help by the young man, describing his life-threatening experience as he drove himself to the Emergency Room at a local hospital after not feeling well, Driving Successful Lives stepped in and asked how we could help.

The story itself was heart wrenching.  The fellow had fallen ill and took himself in to the ER where a once healthy guy fell to the floor and had to be resuscitated not once but twice.  He was immediately admitted and was told he had pneumonia and a virus.  While in the hospital, he was put on life support temporarily while being treated for collapsed lungs.  Additionally he was diagnosed with COPD, Emphysema and diabetes. At 42 years old, he was successful and vibrant before this incident happened.  A huge setback in his life, he of course lost everything.  Upon being released from the hospital, he found himself homeless, without transportation, money or food.  Reduced to asking his friends and others for help,

Driving Successful Lives reached out to him and asked how we could help him and what was happening.  The young man explained he needed a small loan of $300, and he insisted on paying it back.  He had worked as a car-sharing driver, and he wanted to get a car so he could get himself back on track.  Some people gave him money for food and the owner of a local hotel in California allowed him to stay for free and get some sleep, as he had not slept for days after being discharged from the hospital.  On his birthday in July of this year (2019), he was sitting in a Starbucks trying to charge his phone so he could get his life sorted, while still asking for donations to get a vehicle so he could work right away and start earning money and get his life back on track.

Driving Successful Lives immediately got him the $300 within less than 24 hours so he could get his car and begin working.  We often do not know what life will bring us and some of the hardships we may have to endure.  We also do not know who is standing by to help but as a Charity, we felt compelled to offer this man assistance so he could get back on his feet.  He is currently getting a vehicle so he can continue to work for UBER and we ask that if anyone can spare a few dollars, to please contact us to further assist in the initiative. Driving Successful Lives is a Non-Profit (501) c 3 that operates nationwide to help those in need.

About Driving Successful Lives

Driving Successful Lives’ mission is to facilitate car donations so that veterans, homeless families, children, those with addictions & other non-profits can benefit from fellow citizens giving-forward.

Every time a person gives to the charity of their choice it may also create a tax benefit for them. The money, the items, and the real property that they have donated to non-profit institutions throughout the tax year may be tax deductible which means that they could end up being the difference between a good tax return and a great tax return. Depending upon the kind of donation and the type of charity or foundation that they chose to donate to, the tax deduction it creates could be very helpful for reducing the amount taxes that they owe. Many successful and wealthy people state that at least to a certain degree, a part of whom they are and what they have become comes at least in part from the practice of giving. Contributing to charities can be a very convenient way to reduce taxes.

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