E-Bus is another pilot project of Navrattan Holdings Limited: Himansh Verma

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Navrattan Holdings Ltd. is the Research & Development hub of Navrattan Group’s diverse businesses and verticals. The Company specializes in solving complex problems by bringing together the fundamentals of science with the pragmatism and application of engineering to create groundbreaking innovations.

Mumbai (PRUnderground) October 30th, 2019

With the rapid growth of population around the globe, urbanization is burgeoning simultaneously and grows the bone of contention for the society, as transportations numbers are spiking consequently. Taken the onus to recede the multiplied pollution in the environment, Himansh Verma, the Chairman of Navrattan Group, has come up with numerous sassy technological-based ideas that would protect the nation in the upcoming years. Navrattan Composite Electric Bus (E-Bus) is one of the most exceptional projects of the renowned eco-friendly entrepreneur. Himansh has attained the technology-driven projects through its own 60 plus IPRs, which are becoming the helping hand for flourishing the nation in many ways.

Manufactured by Navrattan Holdings Limited (NHL), the E-Bus is of composite fiber materials that are highly favorable for the environment. Presently, 50 buses are up and running across the globe that is successfully tried and tested for over 3 million kilometers of distance.

Navrattan Holdings Limited is the Science & Technology venture of Navrattan Group of Companies. The company has established a state-of-the-art research & development laboratory where experts in the fieldwork hard to invent ‘Greener and Cleaner’ technologies.

Currently, there is an increasing need for public transportation and to curb the ever-rising pollution emitted by the public transport system, there is an even bigger requirement for us to switch to ‘greener’ electric mode of transport. Navrattan’s Composite E-Bus is here to solve this problem and provide a revolutionary solution to the transportation industry and lower our dependence on oil and petroleum.

Himansh Verma,  the Founder and Chairman of Navrattan Group expressed that “We have  worked with the best team of researchers and scientists and the experts of the automobile industry to develop Composite E – Bus that runs for over 16 hours over a mere charge of 4 hours. The E – Bus has a light bodyweight and wide corridors.”

The Electric bus is developed and manufactured using a glass fiber composite technology and modular manufacturing processes that can produce high quality and efficient electric buses. Navrattan’s E – bus has higher efficiency than other available electric buses as its body are made up of high-quality composite plastic, unlike aluminum bodies of other electric buses.

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Navrattan Group of companies is a global enterprise comprising over Six independently operating verticals. Group is actively involved in developing and acquiring Intellectual Property rights of various science and technology from all over the world.

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