EA Sports FC: What We Know About the New FIFA 24

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California, USA (PRUnderground) April 21st, 2023

EA Sports has announced the end of the FIFA partnership, which had lasted for over 30 years. FIFA, the World Football Federation, will develop its own game while EA Sports will release a new game, rebranded as EA Sports FC. Although fans will miss the name “FIFA”, they won’t miss out on authentic clubs, original superstars, and real Champions League in the new game. Here’s what we know about EA Sports FC, including confirmed news and leaks, as well as new features, modes, and women’s clubs.

Name Change

The end of the partnership has one main consequence: the name of the game will change. EA Sports FC will replace FIFA 24. EA Sports, the Canadian publishers, didn’t want to pay for the iconic name of their most successful game, despite making billions with FIFA Ultimate Team. As a logical consequence, the two parties decided to part ways.

EA Sports Reveals Official Logo

EA Sports revealed the official logo of the new game on April 6, which features the new name “EA Sports FC.” We can expect more teasers and trailers in July.

EA Sports FC and FIFA 24 Release Dates

The new game may be released on Friday, September 29, 2023, according to the leaks. Although this date is still far away, past releases show that it is quite realistic. However, FIFA President Infantino’s recent statement during his re-election left fans hanging regarding FIFA 24.

New Features, Modes, and Women’s Clubs in EA Sports FC

While the game is still in the development phase, we have some leaked information regarding new features, modes, and women’s clubs. Some of these features have been a part of FIFA for years, while others may be entirely new to the EA Sports FC game.

Modes in EA Sports FC

EA Sports FC will include the following modes:

Kick Off
Online Seasons
Pro Clubs
VOLTA Exhibition
EA Ultimate Team (including Women)
Career Mode
Women’s Career Mode
Online Career Mode

Although some of these modes have been a part of FIFA for years, we’ll focus on the potential new modes and features in the game.

Women’s Clubs and Career Mode

EA has already taken the first step in the right direction, as the Spanish La Liga F will become part of the EA family in the future, and the Women’s Champions League (UWCL) is live in FIFA 23. This is a first clue to the possibility of the women’s Career Mode in the new game.

We also hope to see women’s Ultimate Team in the new game. This is almost confirmed, as leaks suggest that it’s in development.

Online Career Mode

The Online Career Mode is a new mode that fans have been hoping for years. In this mode, players will compete in a league competition to sign the best players and talents. Although rumors have been circulating for years, it’s not yet confirmed if this mode will be available in EA Sports FC.


Although EA Sports is losing the naming rights for their beloved football simulation, they’re not giving up on the game. The new game will be released as EA Sports FC, and fans can expect authentic clubs, original superstars, and real Champions League in the new game. Although the name of the game will change, the content will mostly stay the same. Fans can expect new features, modes, and women’s clubs in the new game, including women’s Career Mode and women’s Ultimate Team.

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