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EAGems Announces They Have Resolved the Two Main Issues With Their Butane Soldering Iron Thanks to Customer Feedback

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EAGems LLC offers a versatile Butane Soldier Iron kit on their online store and Amazon.com. Two missing bits of information caused some negative reviews. With the help of customers they’ve clarified the issues and are sharing the solutions so the problems can be avoided.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) November 6th, 2019

The demand for quality Butane Soldering Irons has increased as more people are becoming involved with DIY hobbies like craft making and jewelry making. One of the leaders in this space has been EAGems LLC. Unfortunately, the company had received a few negative reviews regarding the product, which lowered confidence for potential buyers. Recently, the company announced that after consulting with shoppers they realized what was causing these two issues and have presented easy solutions to both. EAGems points toward making sure the customer knows to buy a butane canister with a thin fill tube and when removing tips for torch mode, to check that the catalyst has not loosened in the process of normal use. The tool then works without issues.

“Our customer’s voice is very important to us,” commented company CBO, Rhonda Hedgecock. “We read every review and the reasons for returns. It is in this way that we have solved some frustrating issues that just needed simple solutions.”

EAGems released their soldering iron on Amazon in 2017 and have sold several thousand of them since then. The vast majority of reviews and customer feedback have been very positive, but the few negative ones inspired the company to determine what was causing the trouble. Amazon cooperated by shipping any returns back to them, and with the help of customers they were able to solve the two issues. The easy fix for both problems is now included in their product offerings as well as in a series of tips they send to their customers.

In a five-star review Karen wrote, “So much more versatile than an electric soldering iron. I use it for making silver jewelry, my husband uses it for all his tough soldering uses around the house and in his shop.” As a result of this new information going out to customers, the Company expects the reviews will soon return to overall high marks once again. Further, their soldering iron returns have already dropped off significantly.

For more information be sure to visit https://eagems-llc.com.

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