EcoClean Texas Reveals Easiest Carpet Types to Clean

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Clean carpets are possible in every home and business when you know what techniques to use.

San Antonio, TX (PRUnderground) January 10th, 2023

EcoClean Texas knows that a clean home and business is a priority for everyone. With indoor pollutants often at higher levels than outside, it is essential to maintain living and working spaces to ensure comfort and health.

When installing a new carpet, it is crucial to consider the type used because some are easier to clean than others. Nylon is one of the most durable materials you can use in homes and businesses today, and it is also one of the easiest carpets to clean.

“Synthetic fibers are far more durable than natural ones for modern carpets,” said Carlos Adame, Owner and Floor Care Manager at EcoClean Texas. “Nylon is one of the toughest when looking at durability. Olefin and polyester are also excellent choices for heavy traffic areas.”

Adame says that nylon carpets are less prone to permanent stains, which is why they’re easier to maintain. “Although nylon is easy to clean, some versions are known to emit VOCs. That can be a deterrent for some of our customers, which is why we look for natural alternatives.”

Nylon doesn’t resist stains like other carpet materials, but it is much easier to remove these unwanted marks with a thorough cleaning if they appear.

Olefin is the best choice for those who want to avoid nylon carpets while focusing on easy maintenance. It holds its color well while being resistant to abrasions. “It’s also known to resist moisture and mildew, making it an excellent choice for areas near bathrooms or kitchens in San Antonio homes,” said Adame.

Another easy-to-clean option for homes and businesses is polyester. It isn’t as durable as nylon, but this choice has the best stain-resistant attributes in the industry today. Poly carpeting uses an oil-based fiber that repels water-based spills, making it an excellent solution for anyone with pets.

“If you have oil-based spills on polyester carpets, they can be extremely challenging to remove,” Adame said. “Natural body oils and beauty products can cause issues, but these products require very little to keep clean outside of that single issue.”

Wool is an excellent choice for consumers that want nylon’s durability while using eco-friendly materials. Compared to nylon, the challenge with this choice is how challenging it is to keep clean. “Wool carpeting tends to accept stains willingly,” said Adame. “It requires specialty cleaning products to maintain its overall look and luster, which drives up customer costs.”

Other natural carpeting materials include seagrass, jute, cotton, and coir. These items tend to wear out faster and require more maintenance.

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