eLearning Days: New Digital Learning Collaborative Report Analyzes Policy and Guidance of eLearning Days

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Report explores the increasing use of online “snow days” and the use of digital learning to avoid interruptions in instruction

Durango, CO (PRUnderground) December 9th, 2019

The early winter storms that have hit multiple states this year have resulted in a wave of headlines reporting on school districts closing schools, and shifting instruction online until they reopen.

Is this practice growing? How many states allow schools to shift instruction to online? And how do state agencies ensure that online instruction, used in this way, is effective?

A new report from the Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC), eLearning Days: A scan of policy and guidance, explores these and other questions. It finds that a dozen states have policies to allow eLearning Days, and an additional four states have at least one district using a waiver or other means to implement such days. These states are predominantly in the upper Midwest or Southeast.

DLC researchers found that state guidance and district implementation guides can assist policymakers and practitioners in many areas including:

  • Teacher preparation
  • Student expectations and training
  • Parents/guardians expectations and training
  • Students with special needs
  • Communication expectations and requirements

The report provides the first national scan of eLearning Day issues and covers many of the details to be addressed in planning for eLearning days, but experts stress the need for extensive planning. Few of these issues can be addressed in a short period of time, particularly those that entail working time and conditions, or other issues in employment contracts. In addition, students, parents, and teachers have to become comfortable with instructional practices during eLearning days, which is likely to take time. Some schools, including in other countries that have implemented eLearning days, include a practice eLearning day in their planning, to have everyone learn the process on a planned day with plenty of preparation time.

The implementation of eLearning days is still in an early stage. As more schools implement such days, we expect further findings to emerge regarding both pitfalls and best practices.

To learn more, and to explore state-by-state policies and practice, download the full report at the DLC website. Findings from the report will be presented and discussed at the Digital Learning Annual Conference, February 24-26 in Austin, Texas. Additional conference sessions and conversations surrounding course choice are planned as part of this unique digital learning conference. For more information contact us at info@evergreenedgroup.com or call 616-340-8066.

About the Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC)

The Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC) celebrates K-12 digital learning practitioners, researchers, and policymakers; learn from each other; and share best practices in this new and innovative conference. This is not a “sit and get” conference. You will have opportunities to share your experiences, learn from collaborators, catch up with colleagues, and meet new friends in both facilitated sessions and informal settings. This DLAC 2019 highlight video will give you a flavor of the conference format. So much of the value of a conference comes from the “hallway conversations” outside the sessions. DLAC maximizes those opportunities while maintaining the benefits of more traditional conference programming. DLAC brings together practitioners working on real change and is designed for a wide range of attendees.

About The Digital Learning Collaborative

The Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC) is a membership organization dedicated to exploring, producing, and disseminating data, information, news, and best practices in digital learning.
In addition to reports, blogs, and professional development, the DLC created the Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC). Our current members include school districts, intermediate units, public agencies, non-profit organizations, and companies. DLC members determine the topics that to be explored, via monthly web meetings, individual discussions and networking. Find out more at digitallearningcollab.com.

Contact us at info@evergreenedgroup.com for more information.

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