ELTEC Announces Renowned Pedestrian Crossing Light Systems

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With three styles available, ELTEC offers customized options for various applications

Marshall, TX (PRUnderground) March 16th, 2020

The team at ELTEC is announcing their renowned pedestrian crossing light systems to clients in various areas who might be seeking out pedestrian crossing light solutions for various needs.

ELTEC has been an industry leading manufacturer and innovator of traffic light systems and other traffic control support products for nearly 50 years. ELTEC’s pedestrian crossing light systems are a complement to their already robust offering of solutions that includes traffic signal controllers, time clocks, retractable speed humps, and warning systems.

The renowned pedestrian crossing light systems from ELTEC have already been used in numerous applications across the country to great success and have become known for their flexibility and ability to be created to the needs of the client. For instance, with ELTEC’s pedestrian crossing light systems, aspects including geographic location and system load are taken into account, and wireless communications between poles are included to eliminate the burden of digging a trench between to points for wired communication. In addition, ELTEC can customize and engineer single point activation for multiple signals.

ELTEC pedestrian crossing light systems can include either AC or DC (solar powered) options. In the case of the solar powered option, the signals remain bright in daytime, on cloudy days, and in situations where there might be less power than typical. There are three styles of pedestrian crossing light systems for clients to choose from: standard round beacon; RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon); and HAWK (High Intensity Activated Crosswalk). There are options for recreational trails, cyclists road crossings, and various other pedestrian crosswalk needs.

All of the pedestrian crossing light systems from ELTEC are Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) compliant.

“By offering three different styles of pedestrian crosswalk signals in innovative designs, ELTEC is staying up to date with advancing technology and ever-changing traffic regulation,” said the team at ELTEC.

ELTEC understands that cookie cutter systems simply aren’t enough for clients who need serious pedestrian crosswalk signals that will improve roadway safety for pedestrians and motorists alike. That’s why their selection of pedestrian crosswalk signals is designed with the latest technology and traffic needs in mind while being completely tailored to suit. More information about the pedestrian crosswalk signals from ELTEC, including how to request a quote online, can be found at https://elteccorp.com/warning-systems/pedestrian-crossing-systems/.


ELTEC, also known as Electrotechnics Corporation, has been a world-class manufacturer in traffic control signs for 50+ years.

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