Enterprise Accounting Software Company, Flexi.com, Offers Industry Leading Accounting Automation Platform

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Enterprise accounting software company Flexi.com offers industry leading accounting automation tools.

Shelton, CT (PRUnderground) April 8th, 2020

Enterprise accounting software company Flexi.com offers industry leading accounting automation tools. With Flexi, you can expect:

Continuous close capability: Flexi gives you the ability to conduct preliminary “soft close” periods at any time, while the system continues to account for financial transactions in the meantime.

Automated, workflow driven processes: Flexi’s powerful workflow engine mirrors your accounting processes electronically. Based on your business rules, tasks can be automated – saving time and removing the risk of costly mistakes.

Multi-entity financial management: Flexi simplifies even the most complex accounting environments and easily converts all of this disparate data into standardized, board-ready reports almost instantaneously with multi-entity accounting.

Real-time visibility: With Flexi, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to visualize your financial position and make real-time.

Complete audit trail and compliance documentation: Flexi provides immediate access to all details behind a transaction. Because each accounting module is part of the same system (including our general ledger), you can easily drill down into all transactions and trace all the way back to the original journal entries, including a visual map of the workflow and approvals.

Streamlined reporting with our cloud financial report writer: Flexi’s proprietary cloud financial reporting software will make you look good every time. Reports can be shared in Excel or web-based format and accessed anytime, through any device.

About Flexi.com

In the early 1990s, the founders of Flexi had the primary goal of providing companies with a non-proprietary, feature-rich accounting system that could be scaled to handle millions of transactions. But, the founders wanted the software to remain flexible enough to handle the unique requirements of any company. This is how Flexi was born.

Flexi, headquartered in Shelton, CT, has 25 years of experience designing top of the line accounting solutions. Flexi solutions have been installed at more than 800 locations worldwide and the company has a long track record providing accounting solutions to businesses in all industries. Flexi solutions enable your business to increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide the analytics needed to make informed decisions so you can grow your business. For more information please visit https://www.flexi.com.

Contact: 1-800-3530-9492

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