Entrap Escape Rooms offers a heart-pounding escape room experience for people of all ages

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If you’re looking for an immersive, entertaining experience with family and friends near Lincoln, NE, Entrap Escape Rooms is the perfect place to go. Put your problem-solving skills to the test as you work together in a room designed specifically for gamers, companies & events, or tourists, armed only with clues and objects that will help crack codes, solve puzzles and unravel mysteries within 60 minutes. This exciting challenge will hone your creativity while providing hours of fun. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

Lincoln, NE (PRUnderground) February 24th, 2023

Escape Rooms are a great way to relieve the stress and boredom of everyday life with a unique and fun experience. They offer a fantastic opportunity to test your problem-solving abilities with friends, family, or co-workers while engaging in a thrilling adventure. You can choose from various themes and settings, such as movies, detective stories, horror stories, and more.

Entrap Escape Rooms is the ultimate escape room experience. The Lincoln, NE location has 4 captivating room themes for you and your friends/family: The Cure, Judgement, LiCastro’s Lair, and Missing Musician. So get ready to test your skills at escape-room solving. Don´t settle for anything less than the best escape rooms in Lincoln, NE. 

Are you up for the challenge of a lifetime and immerse yourself in hours of fun? Be part of an experience that will push your problem-solving abilities to the limit. The Cure is an escape room set in a medical adventure theme, where you can save humanity as we know it with your quick thinking. Prove yourself to be a hero as you try and outwit biotech terror attacks – even experienced gamers will find themselves challenged by this thrilling game. This room is ideal for people of all ages and for the ever-popular escape room birthday parties.

Are you ready for an exciting 60 minutes of mayhem and mystery? In the escape room Judgement, adventurers over 12 years old are challenged to break free from captivity before the captor returns. Put your problem-solving skills to work before time runs out.

Dare to challenge yourself in LiCastro’s Lair – the ultimate escape room experience. You and your team have 60 minutes to find hidden clues, solve complex puzzles, and make it out alive before the bloodthirsty creature catches up with you. Test your wits as time ticks away while relying on teamwork, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities. Defeat this thrilling adventure, or be doomed forever. This room is perfect for an escape room corporate event.

Sharpen your observation skills and join the adventure with the Missing Musician room. You and your friends have one hour to work together, unearthing clues, deciphering puzzles, and conquering challenges hidden across the room. Can you uncover what happened to the missing musician in time? Come find out for a thrilling game night that tests your detective talents. No need to continue searching “escape rooms near me”; Entrap Escape Rooms has everything you need.

Entrap Escape Rooms is here to give you an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride and challenge your detective skills. From the young to the old, everyone can join in on this action-packed journey where you are the hero of your own story. Get ready for a mind-bending experience that will leave you wanting more. Book a room today, starting at 23$ per person for corporate groups of 20 or more. For 2-3 players, the prices are 30$ per person.

For more information, visit Entrap Escape Rooms website: https://entrapescaperooms.com/

About Entrap Escape Rooms

At Entrap Escape Rooms, you will experience an exciting challenge as you race to beat the clock! Choose from a variety of games, from creepy and mysterious to adventurous and exciting! Our escape rooms are perfect for groups of all sizes and a great way to get your adrenaline flowing while testing your teamwork and problem-solving skills.

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