EOT Enables Energy Operators to Create Enterprise Wide Cloud Historian With the Release of Asset Model Explorer

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Operators can now establish an Enterprise Digital Twin and monitor industrial assets across siloed, incompatible SCADA systems and historians.

Houston, TX (PRUnderground) September 12th, 2022

Today, Embassy of Things (EOT), an industrial software company providing an enterprise data integration and curation platform for industrial digital twins and AI/ML solutions, released Asset Model Explorer (AME), a system specifically designed to navigate and explore diverse and often incompatible operational data sources. Under the hood, AME creates the single source of truth and enterprise cloud historian for distributed and siloed SCADA and historian systems.

“EOT is delivering the world’s first cloud-based historian and asset management solution that spans across many sites and different SCADA and data historians. Asset Model Explorer not only unlocks siloed operational data but enables industrial companies to grow faster by onboarding newly acquired assets,” said Matt Oberdorfer, CEO, and President of EOT. “Asset hierarchies are now navigable by field engineers and board executives alike.”

Xecta’s builds Network Optimization Products for the Energy Industry, our cloud-first digital platform utilizes a fusion of AI and domain physics to solve complex engineering problems related to operational optimization at a scale that enables energy operators to create extraordinary operational and capital efficiency. “Our customers want to create immediate value to their P&L by augmenting their field personnel with more accurate and frequent recommendations, Xecta uses automated engines that self-calibrate to real-time performance data to optimize assets as a whole,” says Sanjay Paranji, CEO at Xecta Digital Labs (https://xecta.com), “We are excited about EOT’s Asset Model Explorer. In the journey of converging IT and OT, AME enables our customers to browse and query the cognitive twin using a hybrid edge to cloud architecture to make data-driven decisions.”

AME is the world’s first industrial IOT platform that enables efficient enterprise-wide queries, complex searches on enterprise-wide asset hierarchies, and trees maintained at the edge. It provides energy companies the ability to explore assets at a granular level, from disparate sources, in near real-time and enables a data-driven decision-making approach with a unified platform across the enterprise. Learn more about AME at https://embassyofthings.com/asset-model-explorer/.

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About Embassy of Things Inc. (EOT)

Embassy of Things, Inc. (EOT) provides Twin Talk, a secure, scalable, and intelligent Data Integration and Curation Platform designed to liberate operational data from historians and SCADA systems for cloud analytics and using insights to enable self-optimizing industrial plants. EOT is helping customers in energy, manufacturing, and transportation to capitalize on production, asset, resource optimization, and cost savings by enabling event-driven, real-time architectures in the cloud and operational intelligence at the edge. EOT’s customers represent more than $160 billion in revenue, $45 billion in fixed assets, and 60,000 employees. For more information, visit https://www.embassyofthings.com or at the 8th IoT Oil & Gas Event, booth 38/39.

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