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Epic Globes LLC Announces Pre-Bulk Orders Available for Oxy-Angel Personal Air Purifiers Due to High Demand

Industry: Technology

With the news of the flu and Coronavirus being a constant feature, it’s no surprise Oxy-Angel has been selling out fast. To help meet customer demand the company is now offering a chance to pre-order the personal air purifier so that those who want it can be sure to be able to purchase their own.

Portland, OR (PRUnderground) February 28th, 2020

Being able to breath fresh air is something on people’s mind perhaps more than ever. To make matters worse with the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus and flu strains there has been a worldwide shortage of facemasks and other supplies many rely on for some protection when out in public. While the company makes no claim it can protect against this serious virus, which little is known about yet, the Oxy-Angel Personal Air Purifier from Epic Globes LLC does emit, with one click, negative ions that have been shown to often have a positive effect in preventing the occurrence of colds, flu, asthma, hay fever, allergy and even lessen respiratory complications. Due to the high-demand for the product Epic Globes recently announced that they are now accepting pre-orders for bulk orders for families or groups of friends who would like to he sure they have access to Oxy-Angel before they are restocked and quickly sell out again. The enthusiasm surrounding this news is high.

“More people are concerned about breathing in fresh and clean air than ever,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We are glad to have a device that can help and are doing everything possible to allow customers to be able to reliably order their own without having the product sell out.”

Oxy-Angel comes in three colors Pearl White, Indigo Blue and Rose Pink. It is powered by a high-quality rechargeable Lithium Battery, and the portable air purifier operates for a full 30 hours off of a single hour charge.

Bulk ordering the product is being made as simple as possible, both for families and businesses.

The spokesperson from the company continued, “We are also offering bulk orders for companies to ensure that the workplace remains a healthy environment for its employees, that is both safe and productive. For individuals, they can always take advantage of this opportunity by taking orders from family members, friends, and colleagues, to have a bigger discount for every added unit purchased.

Fill out the contact form on our website and provide the information needed to get a special price quote from us.”

For more information about the our product and Pre order Group Buy, visit www.oxy-angel.com.

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Epic Globes LLC is Leading the way to have a healthier life by providing an affordable product that is wearable & portable necklace design using negative ions to improve air quality effectively. We believe in the power of technology and its full potential to make our lives better and we aim to bring them to the public. We\’re making it happen with today\’s high-end and cutting-edge technology to make our lives better, starting with the air we breathe.

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