Evgeniya Maltseva Will Introduce Her New Works at Art Russia 2020

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Evgeniya Maltseva will introduce some of her most recent works at the upcoming edition of Art Russia, which will be held on February 20-23, 2020.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) February 19th, 2020

Fine Art Shippers is pleased to share the latest news from the fascinating world of Russian contemporary art: Evgeniya Maltseva will showcase some of her most recent works at the upcoming edition of Art Russia, which will be held at Moscow Gostiny Dvor on February 20-23, 2020. Maltseva’s works will be presented by Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI” (Both C-9) as part of their new art project based on the concept of meeting with yourself and meeting yourself in others.

For Art Russia 2020, the booth of Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI” will be organized as the space beyond the bustle of the day, a place where visitors can meet with themselves. All of the art pieces selected by the gallery will be showcased not only as products of human creativity with high artistic value but also as objects transmitting ‘living’ conditions inherent in the human mind. The exhibition will raise the much-discussed question of the presence of man in the here and now and give everyone an opportunity to look at themselves and the world through the prism of deeper awareness. This concept is closely intertwined with the mission of Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI” that is aimed at providing more freedom to the artists and atmosphere of spiritual comfort to the visitors, presenting works permeated with love for all beings in the universe.

New works by the talented Russian artist Evgeniya Maltseva, which will be showcased by Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI” at Art Russia 2020, perfectly reflect the major theme of the exhibition. Maltseva will introduce two of her recent creations: “Prayer/Ecclesiastes” and “Meditation.”

“Prayer/Ecclesiastes” (pictured) is key to the project’s concept. It provides the answer to the problem of human life in spiritual malady and mental insanity. The prayerful, peaceful state of the face contrasts with the dynamic kinks and folds of the skin, embodying the earthly passions of man and the storm of life. If you look closer at the artwork, you will also notice tears and cuts in the skin, telling about the life full of suffering, which makes people turn to God in a plea for help.

“Meditation,” in its turn, refers to human emotions and the ability to deal with troubles caused by our restless mind. We do not know how to live in the here and now. Instead, we think of the future with all its uncertainty and cannot forget our past resentments. The artwork is about harmony in life, which seems to be unattainable to many of us.

Both works were showcased at Red Dot Miami 2019 this past December, and now they will take their deserved place at the Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI” upcoming exhibition at Art Russia 2020.

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