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Delhi, India (PRUnderground) December 3rd, 2019

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In India festivals are celebrated with joy and happiness and with lots of shopping mostly we buy jewelry on the occasions like Dhanteras. In the modern era you can also do the trading of ornaments online. But in this shopping there is a big doubt and that is how will you find the pureness of the articles you are buying? To solve your problem Indian government had a bureau the bureau of Indian standards (BIS) that gives the hallmark and are providing the certificates regarding purity of the precious yellow metal. The BIS has two clear motives.

  • To save people from buying duplicate ornaments.
  • Keep the jewelers and jewel smiths follow the standard while making and selling articles especially maintain its pureness.

This symbol is important either you are buying or you are trying to sell gold for cash near me in Delhi NCR because it will define many things and you should notify four points they are:

  • The mark of BIS
  • The value in karat written on it
  • The identity mark of hallmarking center
  • Jewelers mark or number that proves its identification

The first is the symbol of BIS indicates the cleanliness of the article has been tested in laboratories. This is only one government approved agency in India that gives and measures the purity of the yellow metal. So when you visit cash for jewelry to sell your jewelry then see this symbol first then start the deal.

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Second point to be discussed and to be notified is the pureness that is written on the article as the agency marks it so it certifies the written thing and either it is 24 karat that can be only marked on the 100% pure gold the another marked is 22 karat this will be marked on articles because it is tough to make a durable ornament with pureness of 100% as it is very soft so some alloys are mixed with about 8% to make it durable.

So when you go to visit any jewelers or you are at the outlet of any gold buyer in Delhi you must know the karat so that you can calculate the price and know how much the buyer must offer you for this much cleanliness. The symbol is written as 24 KT, 22KT, 20KT, etc.

The third to be observed on the symbol is hallmarking center’s mark or number there were about 350 centers of the agency with different identification mark or number. All of these centers have personal laboratories. So this number will signify that the article you are purchasing is genuine.

Now this bureau also provides identification mark to the jewelers and the list of these certified jewelers can be seen on the website of the agency that who are the sellers that are licensed by the agency. From the next you must visit the cash for Gold and Silver website and then go to buy the articles and purchase the articles from the licensed shops so that you can be safe from any type of cheating regarding your valuables that you are going to purchase. On the website of the agency you will get the name address and the date at which the license was issued and the date till that it is valid.

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For gold jewellery hallmarked till 31 December, 2016

If you have bought the gold on or before 31 December, 2016, then there is an additional component that is hallmarked on the gold. Before revising the rules, effective from 1 January, 2017, BIS hallmarking scheme had five components.

The fifth component was the year of marking. It was a code letter representing the year of hallmarking of jewellery which is decided by BIS. For example, Letter ‘A ‘was used for year 2000 and ‘J for’ year 2008.

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