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Exciting New Pet Product Company De’Vora Announces Kickstarter to Launch Soon for Scratch Square and Kicks & Sticks

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For pets to be truly healthy & happy they need the right toys to help encourage them to be active. New pet brand De’Vora is answering the call with a crowdfunding campaign starting at the beginning of October for their debut dog and cat toys.

Atlantic City, NJ (PRUnderground) September 19th, 2019

Active pets are happier, healthier and better behaved. Sometimes one of the keys to keeping them engaged is the dog or cat having access to cool, fun pet products to play with. The problem is most pet toy are not designed to be versatile. Fortunately, new pet accessory brand De’Vora is the exception to the rule. The Atlantic City, NJ-based company is making their debut with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter offering early attractively priced orders of the brand’s breakthrough Scratch Square for Dogs and Scratch Square Feline for Cats. The Kickstarter goes live at the beginning of October 2019.

“This is a dream that shaped our lives and to see it come true is really amazing,” commented Debra LoFranco, founder of De’Vora. “We are all De’Voras to our pets. They deserve the best from us! Our goal is to provide pet parents with everything their pet will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle from the ground up.”

According to De’Vora, the Scratch Square encourages pets to be active on the accessory which will safely file their nails down while encouraging them to feel accomplished. For some pets who are very enthusiastic playing with the Scratch Squares, it could remove their need to have nails trimmed completely. Pets with overgrown nails deal with everyday pain and can suffer from irreversible illness, so finding a solution like this, which removes the need for possibly dangerous pet nail clipping or the absence of is a very valuable service to many pet guardians.

The new brand is also offering the De’vora “Kicks”, “Sticks” and “Paw Balm” which are all interchangeable accessories for the Scratch Squares.

The Kickstarter campaign will be used to fund the first run of the new pet products. This will give supporters a chance to buy their favorites from the new De’Vora line at a reduced price before the products are more wildly available online and at pet stores.

The early response to the De’Vora products has been very enthusiastic.

Anna L., from Florida said “What a great idea, I love my neighbors’ dogs but hate when they jump up on me and their long nails scratch. It takes the joy out of their greeting and the pleasure out of petting them.

Christine S., from New York, recently said, “I can’t wait until the beginning of October. I am going to donate to cover two of each De’Vora product which I know my two puppies will love. What a cool company!”

Say goodbye to scratch marks, ripper clothing and torn furniture with De’Vora products.

A special “Friends and Family Discount” is available to those who subscribe to De’Vora’s pre-sale link, delivering 40% off the regular Retail Price. The deal is only available for a limited number of orders. For more information be sure to visit

About De’Vora

De’ Vora isn’t the standard pet company. We’re the byproduct of an age-long quest to become the best pet parent ever. We’re here to provide pet products that enhance pet lives and enrich pet people.
We realize how much of a role pets play in our lives, and how dear they are to the hearts of pet people. They provide us with loyalty, companionship, love and attention; after all, we are Devoras to our pets. Therefore, our variety of products are tailored to teach and stimulate pet intellectually. They are very functional, time-saving, and enrich the bond between pets and people.

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