Executive Women’s Success Institute Debuts “Success 4 Women” TV Talk Show

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The mission is to accelerate women’s path to success

Upper Marlboro, MD (PRUnderground) September 3rd, 2020

Executive Women’s Success Institute is announcing the debut of the “Success For Women” TV talk show this month. It airs live every Thursday at 2 pm Eastern on the Women 4 Women Network and Talk 4 TV.“Success For Women” aims to guide women in the workplace, in business, and aspiring to be in business on how to turn their dreams into reality by taking action and following through.

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis, President & CEO of Executive Women’s Success Institute, says her mission is to accelerate women’s path to success. “We are featuring guests who can demonstrate how they overcame the obstacles they faced,” she says, “So women watching can know that if they have an idea that may be beyond their comfort zone, they just have to take the first step to actually do it.”

Guests will discuss their own individual definitions of success, offer the most important piece of advice they would give, and present how what they do can make an impact on women in business and the workplace.

The Executive Women’s Success Institute provides personal development services, professional training, and career coaching. Lewis established the Institute following her career in military and federal government roles. “Women frequently asked me to review their promotional packets and conduct mock interviews with them,” she says, “I was already helping these individual ladies, so it just made sense to do so now on a larger scale. Women don’t help other women enough. Each one of us has to pull another of us up.”

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