Exelement Brings Back the Successful Mountain Boarding Day

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Last year during the month of September, Exelement held the extremely popular Mountain Boarding Day.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) May 24th, 2010

During a whole day, a throng of people from all ages gathered on the slopes of Redhill in Surrey to learn the ropes of mountain boarding and even compete in the numerous events held during the afternoon. The event also included a group BBQ (a crowd puller for certain, no one says no to good food it seems!) and finalized with a prize ceremony that highlighted the best performances of the day (including the coveted King of the Slopes title). Exelement is taking all the things that worked from last year’s event and plans to bring them back for a smashing Mountain Boarding Day 2010.
Coming Back for the 2010 Edition

Taking a cue from the warm weather, Exelement has already started working to bring back one of their pet projects to their 2010 installment. This time, we are talking about the Mountain Board Day, an event that provides a whole day of riding and competition, and they are bringing new things to the table this year. The date has already been set for July the 24th, which is about two months earlier than when the highly popular 2009 edition was held.

According to the company, the organisers have gone to great lengths to create a better rendition of last year’s event, and are planning a number of surprises that will delight newcomers and veterans alike. Once again, the Mountain Boarding Day welcomes both beginners and veterans of the mountain boarding arena to a day filled with competition, training sessions and much more. Every participant is more than welcome to have a go in the group training lessons carried out by mountain boarding professionals that will cater to each individual’s skill level. After a morning of practice everyone is treated to the fantastic BBQ, where you can eat to your heart’s content – don’t eat too much, though, because the competitions start in the afternoon. And, to top off an amazing day, a show held by some of the most prominent mountain boarding figures in the UK will be held after the competitions. These pros will ride their boards to the limit and will show you some of the extreme tricks of the trade that put them at the top of their game.

To find out more information about the Mountain Board Day or any other event held by Exelement, you can check out their website at http://www.exelement.co.uk Tickets for the Mountain Boarding Day 2010 can be purchased through the very same website or by phone.

David Compton Speaks About Mountain Boarding

David Compton is one of the professional mountain boarders part of the RTH (Ride the Hill) team that will perform at this year’s Mountain Boarding Day. Among his accomplishments we find things like winning the UK Open Freestyle Champion 2006, the 1st Ride the Hill Trampa Challenge and the 4th Elite Freestyle Boleworth (2009). David sat down with the people of the Exelement Blog to talk about Mountain Boarding and his next performance on this year’s event. Mr. Compton also shared his wisdom regarding starting out in this sport:

Tips for people that want to get started in the world of mountain boarding – “Don’t be nervous, just get stuck in! It’s no more dangerous than any other extreme sport out there (note: such as skateboarding, surfing or even indoor skydiving), and there’s so much different stuff you can do on a Mountain Board. As long as you’re enjoying yourself then it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing. Just make sure that you learn to Powerslide to a stop as the first thing you do!

Tips for both learning and improving your Freestyle techniques – (You should) “Ride with people who are more advanced than you (…) ride with some good riders, and you will pick it up a lot more quickly than if you just try and teach yourself. There are loads of videos on the internet to watch in slow-motion and to get an idea of how people are doing stuff.”

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