ExhibitDay Launches Trade Show Asset Management Toolkit

Industry: Event Planning

ExhibitDay Simplifies Trade Show Asset Tracking and Inventory Management.

Bethesda, MD (PRUnderground) February 13th, 2020

ExhibitDay, Inc., the creator of simple, free online Trade Show Planning tools, today, announced the release of its Trade Show Asset Management toolkit.

Integrated closely with ExhibitDay’s existing Trade Show Planning, Budgeting, and Collaboration tools (available at ExhibitDay.com), this new module helps trade show teams manage inventory and make reservations for trade show Capital Assets (e.g. booths, displays, and furniture), as well as Collateral (e.g. swag and marketing material).

With ExhibitDay, trade show teams can finally ditch the hodgepodge of messy spreadsheets and pen-and-paper to track trade show assets. Inventory can be tracked across multiple storage locations and assets can be reserved for any number of trade shows.

ExhibitDay’s service is offered on a freemium basis. The Free/Lite tier offers access to all the core features of the product, but, limits the number of users who can join a workspace. The paid Professional and Premium tiers have fewer restrictions and provide more advanced tools for workspace customization, budgeting and measuring ROI.

About ExhibitDay, Inc.

ExhibitDay is a free trade show planning, project management, and collaboration toolkit for event managers, exhibitors and trade show teams.

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