Experience the Best in Continuing Care at Our Retirement Community in Niagara Falls

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Ontario, Canada (PRUnderground) February 16th, 2023

Experience the Best in Continuing Care at Our Retirement Community in Niagara Falls

Canadian seniors over 85 are the fastest-growing age group. The latest population census in 2021 shows that people over 85 years old have increased by 12% since 2016.

The retirement community continuing care (CCRC) industry will grow in response. Expanding senior care resources for retirees means new facilities, services, and lifestyle options.

However, due to advanced standards of living in the past few decades, many seniors are educated and had a prosperous life in their earlier years. Now, they want facilities that are tailored to their unique care needs.

What is continuing care at a retirement community?

Continuing care retirement communities offer a wide range of services for seniors at different stages of their lives. Living in retirement communities can meet their changing needs over time and they can have the facilities they need without changing their residency.

CCRC rental communities are also a good answer for senior couples who want to live together despite requiring vastly different levels of care.

It is my pleasure to announce that Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence has qualified as a CCRC because it has created a high-quality social environment and an active and healthy lifestyle, and several levels of care.

People also introduce CCRC as life program communities. It underscores a new shift in senior care with facilities that welcome younger seniors. CCRCs are even attractive to seniors who do not need care and want to be among their peers.

To make informed choices about assisted and independent living facilities many factors need to be considered such as the level of care needed.

Here are the reasons we offer the best-continuing care at Retirement Community in Niagara Falls in Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence.

We provide a social program full of excitement and vitality. Also, like assisted living communities, we also provide comprehensive care services for those who have difficulty with basic day-to-day care activities.

We create personal hygiene, multiple meals by a professional chef and nutritionist, housework, personal finance management, driving/coordinating transportation, medication management, and 24/7 care.

However, some CCRCs, such as Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence, typically offer more independent living services and amenities, such as enjoying Niagara Casino, social events, rest areas, and renovated rooms.

Why you need to choose a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Many factors go into your choice when deciding which living situation is right for you or a loved one. What level of care do you need? Do you have conditions that you can get at a discounted rate? Do you have government insurance?

Many residents of a continuing care retirement community system like Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence find peace of mind knowing they are in a facility that can help them every step of the way. They also love staying close to other loved ones in the community who have different care needs.

Residents can pay for independent living in several ways. They can come from personal savings, Social Security benefits, pensions, housing assistance, or VA benefits. Our retirement community also has the option of using government insurance.

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