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Seeing the Grand Canyon is an experience like no other. Grand Vegas Tours strives to provide the best tours to the Grand Canyon for all who visit Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) November 7th, 2019

A great way to explore the Grand Canyon is to take a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas – a day trip offered by companies, such as Grand Vegas Tours. One of the best sellers is a day trip that leaves from Las Vegas and stops, first, at Hoover Dam before proceeding on to Grand Canyon National Park or Grand Canyon West.

The Famous Skywalk at Grand Canyon West

Grand Canyon West is home to the famous Skywalk- a manmade see-through bridge that allows visitors to see far into the depths of the canyon. If you opt for the trip to Grand Canyon National Park, you can visit Grand Canyon Village- a national historic landmark site, complete with shops and historic buildings.

When Will You Be Traveling?

To plan a day trip, you will need to determine the dates for your Vegas trip first. That way, you can decide what day you will be visiting the Grand Canyon. A Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas can be taken about anytime. However, it usually is best to during the spring or fall as that is when the temperatures are less severe.

If you go through Grand Vegas Tours, you can go by luxury bus, and sit back and relax. Your tour guide will do everything to make your trip entertaining and comfortable. If you go by luxury coach, you will leave from or near your hotel in Vegas around 6:00 AM or 7:00 AM. The climate-controlled bus will stop first at Hoover Dam for a short picture-taking opportunity.

Visiting the Skywalk Bridge

If you travel to the West Rim of the canyon, you can visit the amazing see-through bridge- the Skywalk. Don’t worry this glass bridge is designed not to break, as it can hold tons of weight. Although this bridge is not recommended for anyone afraid of heights, it certainly makes any Grand Canyon journey a memorable outing.

While you probably have been awed by photos of the natural rock formations of the Grand Canyon, you will truly catch your breath when you visit the canyon in person. The Grand Canyon itself measures 2,500 meters, or 8,202 feet, from the base to the highest point. Due to its grand size, the weather varies a great deal from the top to the bottom.

For example, during some days in the winter, you will buffet glacial winds and deep snow at the top of the canyon. However, the climate, at the bottom, next to the Colorado River, will be balmy. You may even see some wildflowers in bloom.

An Important Bird Zone

The canyon is home to around 2,000 plant species, some of which can only be found in this locale. Also, get ready to birdwatch on your Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas. In 2014, the canyon was officially designated a Globally Important Bird Area. Grand Canyon National Park conservationists work hard at protecting many of the birds living in the park.

About 5 million people visit Grand Canyon National Park annually. Depending on the time of arrival, the sun paints the rock faces in varying hues, including gold, orange, and red. These colors emanate on the rock surfaces because of minerals within the rocks. The changing hues correspond to the amount of light, time of year, and the climate.

Viewing the Canyon During Sunset

If you witness a Grand Canyon sunset, the walls of the canyon display vibrant gold and fiery red tones before fading to gentler colors, such as green, purple, and blue. Most day visitors who participate on a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas walk half-way down paths in the park or inside the Canyon’s West Rim. It takes several hours to reach the bottom of the canyon, so there is not enough time on a day trip to venture this far. Moreover, it takes an even longer time to return to the canyon rim and climb back up a canyon path.

If you have more time to visit the canyon, you might want to arrange a mule trip to the canyon floor. You should plan well ahead for this type of excursion, as you need to make reservations very far in advance to get a spot. Visitors can also explore the canyon by helicopter or airplane. Generally, helicopter tours are more convenient and affordable.

If you have more time for exploring, you may also want to schedule a boat trip on the Colorado River at the West Rim. This type of trip can last from one day to as long as three weeks at a time. Most of the explorers who journey to Grand Canyon National Park visit the South Rim since it is the most popular spot in the canyon. You can take a shuttle bus along the South Rim to the various overlooks in this part of the park. The shuttle is an easy and convenient way to travel around the canyon and ensure you see all the best views.

The Canyon’s North Rim

Day tours normally do not go to the canyon’s North Rim. This is because the North Rim is located about 20 kilometers, or 12 miles, across the canyon from the South Rim area. If you drive to the North Rim from the South Rim, the mileage substantially increases. It is 350 kilometers or 218 miles to access the North Rim from the South Rim in Grand Canyon National Park.

As noted, you can also visit the Skywalk on the Hualapai Reservation, or the canyon’s western part. The Skywalk, which opened in 2007, extends out from the canyon’s rim 20 meters, or 66 feet. The bridge is suspended 1,200 meters, or almost 4,000 feet, over the canyon’s rim.

If you want to see the Grand Canyon in its entirety, you will need to take a spacecraft. You can only see all of the canyon from outer space. Given that you may be limited in this respect, why not contact Grand Vegas Tours and make plans for a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas instead?

If you have never been to the Grand Canyon, you can make any Vegas trip even more exciting by booking a day trip to break up your Vegas visit. Make sure you check with the tour company about reserving a spot before you take off to the gambling capital of the world.

About Grand Vegas Tours

Grand Vegas Tours provides travelers with exciting Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam tours that let you experience the natural beauty and history of the Southwest.

We are a family owned business, so we offer authentic local experiences. All of our luxury bus tours include a professional tour guide that will lead you to the most popular and incredible lesser known viewpoints at your destination.

If you prefer, you can enjoy a more personalized and interactive small group experience. Guests can travel with our professionally trained tour guides while learning about the flora, fauna, geology, and the history of the Southwest. At Grand Vegas Tours we know how to deliver the ultimate travel experience and leave each guest appreciating the natural elements that surround them.

If you are planning a special event, wedding, family reunion, or an office retreat we also have the perfect tour! Our qualified sales team can assist you in planning any excursion you are looking for!

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