Fan Advocate Jordan Skopp Urges Major League Baseball to Follow Japan’s Common Sense Foul Ball Safety Lead

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Questions Why the USA Has Fallen Behind Other Countries When it Comes to Protecting Young Fans from an Onslaught of Deadly Foul Balls

Brooklyn, NY (PRUnderground) January 4th, 2021

Baseball fan safety advocate Jordan Skopp announced today that he has research and stats that show undeniably that other countries like Japan take baseball fan safety much more seriously than Major League Baseball (MLB) does in the USA – where young children in particular are being set up for yet another life-threatening season of play in 2021.

Skopp’s most recent research indicates baseball’s youngest fans are placed at risk every time they take a seat at Major or Minor League stadiums and ballparks in the U.S. chiefly because the MLB has continued to fail to extend safety netting throughout their facilities. Children make up a large number of the foul ball injuries Skopp’s research shows and yet, in countries like Japan, that risk has been successfully and significantly mitigated.

“Japanese baseball saw how devastating foul ball injuries can be to fans and took simple and effective steps to make their stadiums safe by installing the most appropriate safety netting at every park,” said Skopp. “Clearly, this is a simple, common-sense measure to take, and yet here in the USA, the home of baseball as a sport, the MLB continues to drag its heels in implementing this most basic safety measure. It’s embarrassing and it’s outrageous.”

One reason the MLB is slow to install safety netting, Skopp claims in his forthcoming book, is the existence of the so-called “Baseball Rule” that absolves the league and stadium owners from liability when it comes to personal injury claims.  In Japan, the leagues have taken action and installed safety netting, increased fan awareness about the foul ball threat, and have significantly lessened the number and severity of their foul ball injuries.

“At least 39 children have been maimed by foul balls between 2008 and 2019 at Major and Minor League parks,” notes Skopp. “Why is the U.S. falling behind other countries when it comes to protecting our children? I’m hoping my research and forthcoming book will raise fan awareness about this issue and spark a movement to force the MLB to finally take actions to safeguard fans of the game.”

Skopp is the founder of Foul Ball Safety Now which hosts a public petition addressed to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. He hopes reporters in Japan will run articles and hold discussions with him on the issue and perhaps “show up” the MLB for their lackadaisical response to a very serious safety concern – before U.S. stadiums open their gates again this spring.

Joining Skopp for the press conference will be:

  • Erwin Goldbloom, the widower of Linda Goldbloom who was killed by a foul ball incident at Dodger Stadium in 2018.

  • Stephanie Wapenski, who was hit in the head at Fenway Park while attending a Boston Red Sox game in 2015. She received 40 stitches.

  • Alexis Hoskey, who was just 4-years-old when she was hit by a ball while attending a Kansas City Royals game in 2011. She experienced major head trauma.

“Every MLB and minor league ballpark in America needs to be retrofitted immediately and be certified as maiming-free so that fans can enjoy our national pastime safely,” Skopp notes.

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About Jordan Skopp

Jordan Skopp is a baseball fan, stadium safety advocate, and author of an upcoming book detailing foul ball injuries at professional parks and what can be done to ensure fan safety. Skopp is the founder of

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