Fast Courier’s Online Platform Helps Australian Users Compare Shipping Quotes

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The online platform helps users find the best possible rates for freight and regular packages. It serves both people looking to ship within Australia and those looking to ship internationally.

Sidney, Australia (PRUnderground) December 27th, 2022

Being able to find affordable courier service providers has arguably never been more important. The last few years led to many cultural changes, and one of them was an increased interest — and reliance — in online shopping. And when you’re relying on couriers and shipping companies to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers, being able to find reliable providers who offer competitive rates is very important.

Helping businesses and individuals find affordable courier services is exactly what Fast Courier was created to do. Their website is home to a free price comparison tool that helps users get and compare quotes from over a dozen Australian service providers. This makes it trivial to find the best price for any given route, whether you are trying to send packages between cities, states, or territories or ship goods to and from Australia.

Of course, price isn’t always the end of the story when it comes to shipping, which is why Fast Courier has plenty of information regarding each of the couriers they work with available on their site. This allows users to make a choice based not only on price but also on the perks and services provided by each courier, as well as their size and overall history. That’s on top of the fact that only reliable service providers with a good track record make their way into the Fast Courier website.

A good example of the wealth of information available on the platform is the courier service providers section of the Fast Courier website. It contains a short bio and a list of services offered by each freight company on its platform. The services list covers not only what the company can do via road freight but also their air and ocean freight services.

Still, there is no denying that one of the biggest advantages of using Fast Courier is being able to save money. The platform boasts of being able to save users up to 30% on their deliveries by helping them compare prices.

These savings are especially valuable for businesses and anyone else shipping large volumes of goods every year. In those situations, saving even 5 or 10% in shipping can make a huge difference, and Fast Courier regularly helps businesses save a lot more. The platform also has tools and integrations in place to make life easier for businesses.

As their website explains: “We have a range of integrations available for your business to allow for efficient and effective access to courier quotes and logistics booking at the best price from a range of providers.” This makes the task of finding the best quote for any given route much faster and easier to automate.

More information about Fast Courier, its services, and its business solutions can be found on the company’s official website.


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