Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Comparison: HiPeak Elias VS Hey Bike Ranger

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We'll take an in-depth look at HiPeak Elias's and Hey Bike Ranger's performance, design and features in this article to help buyers choose the best e-bike for them.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) May 9th, 2023

As the industrial continues to improve to meet growing demand, e-bikes are becoming more advanced, with better performance and larger battery capacities. Riders now have a wider choice of models thanks to the introduction of more powerful Ebike models. In this article, we’ll compare two high-profile products: the HiPeak Elias and the Hey Bike Ranger, two e-bikes that not only have folding capabilities, but also feature fat tire designs that offer better stability and accessibility. We’ll take an in-depth look at their performance, design and features to help buyers choose the best e-bike for them.

Model overview

HiPeak Elias

The Elias is an urban commuter e-bike with 20*4-inch wide tires, and the step-through frame design will better suit most riders. Many urban commuters find its simple frame design attractive. The 48V 15Ah battery provides an acceptable range of 60 miles, and the 61-pound body can be easily pedaled back home even if the battery runs out. The 60-mile range won’t stop you from going anywhere.

The removable battery pack provides greater flexibility in energy storage, and the battery design is integrated under the seat. The bicycle is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed transmission, which allows riders to change speed according to various riding conditions. The mechanical disc brakes and practical design elements such as lights and horns ensure riding safety, making it an excellent choice for comfortable urban cycling.

Hey Bike Ranger

Ranger is an excellent folding electric bicycle. It features a fat tire design and is equipped with a high-performance 500W motor and a 48V 15Ah battery that can provide a maximum range of 55 miles. In addition, the Hey Bike Ranger also has front and rear disc brake systems, providing more powerful braking capabilities. Advanced features such as the intelligent LCD display and electronic gear shifting system make riding more convenient and comfortable.

Overall, both the HiPeak Elias and Hey Bike Ranger are excellent folding electric bicycles worth recommending. Now, let’s take a look at the detailed comparison between them:

Specification comparison

Brand                                     Hipeak Elias                              Hey Bike Ranger

Price                                        $1299                                            $1199

Range                                      60 miles                                       40-55 miles

Max speed                               20 mph                                                 –

Motor                                 750W motor                                                      500W motor

Battery                                 48V 15Ah                                        48V 15Ah

Frame                            6061aluminum alloy frame                                  –

Suspension system       Spring front suspension fork    Spring front suspension fork, spring suspension saddle

Pedal assist                            7-level                                               3-level

Transmission                   Shimano 7-speed                            Shimano 7-speed

Tire                                    20″×4.0″fat tire                               20″×4.0″ fat tire

Brake                           Mechanical dis brake                       Mechanical dis brake

Load-capacity                     350 pounds                                     330 pounds

Rider height                         4’10” ~ 6’2″                                     5’4” ~ 6’3”

Bike weight                           61 pounds                                     70.5 pounds

Color                        Yellow/White/Grey Blue                           Black/White

Light                            250 lumen LED light                    LED circle headlight

Throttle                            Half-twist throttle                                       –

Warranty                                1-year                                               1-year

Display screen           LCD Black & White Display                LCD Black & White Display


The price of an electric bicycle varies depending on factors such as brand, model, performance, and features. Generally, the price of a low-end electric bike is between $500 and $1000, a mid-range electric bike costs between $1000 and $3000, and a high-end electric bike can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Within different price ranges, there are significant differences in the performance and features that electric bikes provide. For consumers purchasing electric bicycles, it is important to choose a product that fits their needs and budget.

As entry-level commuter electric bicycles, the positioning prices of Elias and Ranger are very reasonable. It’s worth mentioning that Hipeak is currently offering a Mother’s Day promotion, with a $150 discount for purchasing one folding electric bike and a $350 discount for purchasing two folding electric bikes. Now is the perfect time to make a purchase.


The main difference between the two bicycles lies in the motor components. Elias is equipped with a 750W motor, while Ranger’s motor is only 500W. The main advantage of a larger motor is higher power and stronger performance. With a larger motor power, the 750W Elias can provide a higher maximum speed and better climbing ability, making it suitable for riding environments that require more uphill and steep sections. In addition, powerful motors usually have stronger acceleration performance and are more capable of handling emergencies.


Having a more comfortable ride will undoubtedly provide you with more motivation to use your electric bike, keep riding and fully take advantage of your investment. The difference in suspension systems is the main determining factor in ride comfort. These two models have completely different suspension systems. For example, the Elias mainly uses a front fork suspension, which is a typical type for most electric bikes. It eliminates some of the visible terrain defects, but the rider still inevitably feels the bumps on the road. On the other hand, the Ranger adds a spring under the seat on the basis of the spring front fork suspension, and this setting can absorb more road bumps than the Elias.

Pedal assist

Obviously, Elias’ 7-level pedal assist system has more riding modes than Ranger’s 3-level. The specific advantages are as follows:

More precise turning: The 7-level pedal assist system can provide more power control options, allowing riders to choose the appropriate electric assistance level according to their needs and environment.

Better adaptability: The 7-level pedal assist system can provide a wider range of power, making it more suitable for various riding environments and road conditions than the 3-level pedal assist system.

Higher efficiency: As the power provided by the 7-level pedal assist system is more intelligent and precise, it can achieve higher energy utilization efficiency, thereby improving the range and performance of the electric bicycle.

Better handling experience: The 7-level pedal assist system has a more flexible and precise handling experience compared to the 3-level pedal assist system, which is also a common configuration for high-end electric bicycles.

Fat tire

Both electric bikes use 20*4 inch puncture-resistant fat tires, which have the following advantages:

Better stability and comfort: Fat tires can provide a larger contact area, making the ride smoother and less likely to slip, while also reducing the impact of road bumps on the body.

Stronger off-road capabilities: The width and tread design of fat tires give electric bicycles a certain off-road capability, making them capable of handling some complex riding environments.

Higher passability: The design of fat tires also makes it easier for electric bicycles to pass through some obstacles, such as rocks, sand, and so on.

Better puncture resistance: Due to the relatively low air pressure of fat tires, they are less likely to be punctured or damaged when encountering sharp objects than regular tires.

More attractive appearance: Folding electric bicycles with fat tires not only perform well in terms of performance but also have a more eye-catching design, making them more likely to attract attention.


Throttle is a prominent component that riders use to adjust the acceleration and deceleration of their bikes on the road. With the help of the throttle, the bicycle can quickly start from a stop. Different types of throttles have different operating mechanisms. Compared to thumb throttles, more riders prefer half-twist throttles because they are easier to use, and only require rotating the handlebar to accelerate and decelerate. In fact, both throttle systems are equally effective at moderate temperatures, so riders can freely choose the system they prefer. However, in cold weather, thumb throttles are not as flexible as half-twist throttles. Riders must place their thumbs on the button, which can easily cause their fingers to become numb in cold weather. If you want to engage in riding activities without being limited by the weather, half-twist throttles are more practical.


There is a significant difference in the brightness of the lights equipped on different models of electric bicycles. Generally speaking, electric bicycles equipped with LED lights are brighter than ordinary halogen lights.

The illumination range of the lights is also an important indicator to evaluate their performance. Good lights should be able to illuminate the road ahead at a far distance, providing sufficient safety guarantee. Considering all aspects, the lights of the two electric bicycles compared here are better than those of Ranger in terms of the lighting parameters of Elias.


The material of the fender directly affects its  durability and abrasion resistance. Generally speaking, fenders made of materials such as ABS plastic or carbon fiber are more sturdy and less prone to wear and tear.

The width of the fender affects its waterproofing effect. If the fender is too narrow, it may not fully cover the area around the tire, causing dirt such as cement and mud to still splash while riding.

From the pictures of the two models, it can be seen that the rear fender of Elias is longer, wider, and fits the tire more closely than Ranger, which can block mud splashes over a larger area.

Battery box

From the pictures of the two models, it can be seen that the battery box of the Ranger is not connected to the rear suspension system, which can pose a safety hazard. If the battery box is not securely fixed to the frame, it may shake or even fall off.

The battery box is relatively heavy, and if it is not connected to the rear fork, its weight may be concentrated under the handlebars or seat, affecting riding comfort. If the battery box is not stable, it may be subject to bumps and vibrations during long-term riding, which can cause damage or reduce its service life.

In summary, to ensure the safety and comfort of riding an electric bike, it is recommended to firmly connect the battery box to the rear fork and choose high-quality battery boxes and accessories to ensure that there are no safety hazards or other issues during riding.

Frame paint

If you want to buy a high-quality electric bike, you need to pay attention to the quality and processing technology of the frame paint, in order to improve the safety and comfort of riding. Good paint processing can improve the durability of the frame, making it more durable and less susceptible to damage. Some excellent paint processing can prevent the frame from rusting due to long-term exposure to a humid environment. From the pictures, it can be seen that Elias has better paint technology, with a more youthful and fashionable appearance.


Load-capacity is an often overlooked but vital feature of a model. The larger the load capacity, the more adaptable the model is to the rider, and the more stable the ride. Of course, the load capacity will determine the product’s transportation capability. Bikes with larger cargo capacities can carry more things without sacrificing passenger comfort. Due to the layout of its frame structure, Elias has a higher load capacity, providing riders with a more practical choice.


Warranty period is a crucial factor when purchasing e-bikes. Generally speaking, the longer the warranty period, the higher the product standard you should expect. Therefore, customers are more likely to choose products with longer warranty periods. Both models offer a one-year warranty to ensure riders’ riding enjoyment.


Both of these electric bikes are very powerful fat tire step-through models. As shown in the above comparison, Elias has the advantage of its cheaper price, more powerful motor, puncture-resistant fat tires, higher pedal-assist levels, and larger load capacity, which can carry passengers and cargo with agility and excellent riding comfort in various riding environments.


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