Fatal Crashes Are on the Rise in Colorado Springs, CO — Here are Five Things You Can Do to Stay Safe, According to Car Accident Attorneys at Springs Law Group

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Coloradans started the new year with a startling statistic—last year’s number of fatal car crashes in the state surpassed its number of homicides.

Colorado Springs, CO (PRUnderground) January 25th, 2023

In the early morning hours of December 28, the Colorado Springs Police Department responded to the 55th and final, fatal crash of the year—a record for the city.

“These numbers are alarming, but even more startling are the reasons behind these statistics,” said Colorado Springs car accident attorney Christopher Nicolaysen, a founding member of Springs Law Group. “More often than not, it’s driver negligence that fuels these crashes. As we head into a new year, it’s more important than ever that drivers understand how they can stay safe on the roads.”

To deter future fatalities, Nicolaysen recommends taking these five steps to protect yourself and others.

#1 Drive Sober

It’s no secret that impaired or drunk driving can cause fatal accidents. Still, thousands of people get on the road daily thinking they’re safe to drive. Whether you’ve had one drink or 20 and are going around the block or down the highway, it’s never okay to drink and drive.

Impaired driving is exactly that—impaired. Your reaction time, vision, and perception of speed and distance are off.

“Remember that wherever you have to be is never more important than someone else’s life,” Nicolaysen noted.

#2 Slow Down

There’s a big difference between going one or two miles over the speed limit unknowingly and flying down the highway with no regard for other people on the road.

When you’re speeding, you drastically reduce your ability to react to danger and avoid a crash. You also increase your stopping distance and decrease the integrity of structures that are built to keep you safe, like guardrails and median dividers—a recipe for disaster.

#3 Stay Alert, Put Your Phone Away

It’s proven that the human brain is not designed to multitask, meaning you can’t actually do more than one complex thing at a time. So when you’re texting and driving, sometimes you’re texting and sometimes you’re driving. And during that one or two seconds that you’re looking at your phone, you could drift off into the other lane, crash into another car, lose control, and—before you know it—you’re seriously injured.

#4 Check Your Ride

“Car repairs may be expensive, but life is priceless,” Nicolaysen said.

Bald tires, overdue inspections, and check engine lights are dangerous for you and everyone else on the road. We’ve seen too many times where brakes go out, tires blow at fast speeds, or people experience a mechanical defect, lose control of their car, and crash.

Before you get behind the wheel, make sure your car is safe for the road.

#5 Keep Your Distance

Following too closely behind other vehicles is another major cause of fatal accidents in Colorado Springs. What happens if you’re traveling at high speeds and the car in front of you slams on the brakes? What about when they suddenly switch lanes, and there’s a stopped car in your lane or an obstruction?

You only have seconds to react—seconds to make a life-or-death decision, and more often than not, it ends badly for everyone involved.

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