Felipe Perez Anda, the Wifi Mentor who is changing realities from Latin America

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Marketing and income potential strategist Felipe Perez Anda has helped 1000+ people generate abundance online and through social media

Ecuador, Latin America (PRUnderground) June 11th, 2020

In 2020 the world became digital; consumer, shopping and even social habits changed. Everyone is on social media, but not everyone knows how to take advantage of the benefits they bring to the lives of users when they are well used.

Luckily there is a mentor who teaches people how to generate abundance through social media. His name is Felipe Perez Anda and has been helping people get ahead in life with strategies and mentoring for more than 5 years. He has offered his expertise, which spans marketing and online income generation, to help more than 1100 people succeed in earning income on their own terms.

According to Perez Anda, one way to monetize social networks is to create a strong personal brand, expose it to the world, gain immense credibility and social proof, and recognize the immense opportunities offered by social networks. He highlights that the most powerful method is to generate connections, send DM’s and thus strengthen the network of contacts with which you can do business.

“Every person has the potential to show the world their best version of themselves and generate a solid online business,” said Pérez Anda, and that is what he has done for the past few years with his clients, changing the way they see themselves and the world, attracting immense opportunities, manifesting abundance in your life – all thanks to social networks.

As a mentor and strategist, Felipe’s expertise includes marketing, advertising, planning and management, coaching, NLP, success tactics generation, and monetization. But the skill that gets true results is teaching your clients to declare, manifest and prepare their spirit to attract abundance in their lives.

He is also honored to help people transform their lives through mentoring and strategies that are tailored to their needs. Through Felipe’s monetization and strategy mentorship, clients build ideas and discover new, authentic ways to earn money and enjoy abundant lives.

Currently, Perez Anda is expanding his business and accepting new clients. Anyone interested in growing their brand and online reputation can find him on Instagram as @felipeperezanda, or schedule a call with him via his website. Perez Anda, who is well known as the “Wifi Mentor”, looks forward to helping a thousand more people realize their true potential. More information can be found at https://www.felipeperezanda.com/.

About Felipe Perez Anda

Felipe Perez Anda has 15+ years of experience in marketing, advertising, coaching, and mentoring and has helped more than 1100 people change their lives and make money from their phones.

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