Fence Supply Near Me Launches Fence Directory Listing To Rank for Fence Industry Keywords Locally

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A directory listing on Fence Supply Near Me will allow fence companies in the United States to list their fence company for a fee to drive more leads through SEO.

Florida (PRUnderground) March 1st, 2021

FenceSupplyNearMe.com is building a national directory of fence companies looking to get a cut of the $7.3 billion fencing market in the United States. Other than referrals of good work being done, online marketing is the easiest way for any fence company to increase its revenue by establishing a positive footprint online.

It can be as simple as registering your fence company with Google My Business and launching a website. Fence Supply Near Me will be an affordable alternative to expensive Yelp Ads or Google Ads. Just bidding on the keyword, “Fence Company”, runs for about $3.78 cost per click on Google Adwords.

Fence Company SEO
Why would we target a vanity keyword? User intent. If a fence company is going to search for an industry-specific SEO agency, they will use various keywords with one being “Fence Company SEO“.

We understand that not having a fully functional website is a negative but we know that if we can snatch up SEO keywords in the fence industry, it proves our digital expertise. As of right now, Monday, March 1st, 12:18 am EST Fence Supply Near Me properties have 3 spots on Google’s Top 20 for the keyword “Fence Company SEO”.

Data Findings
On SEMRush, we are showing in position #3 for our press release, #4 for our website to the Fence Company SEO URL, and #15 for our Pinterest link to our YouTube video. Fence Supply Near Me dot com has 15% of the market share of Google’s Top 20 for Fence Company SEO. Our website has literally 5 pages and no authority within Google as the website was soft-launched in January 2021.

On Ahrefs, we are showing in position #3 for our press release and #5 our website to the Fence Company SEO URL. Currently have 2 keyword positions in the top 5 for Fence Company SEO and over time, we believe as the website gains strength and more positive signals, we will rank #1.

Remember, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, but we also have years of growth marketing experience and understand how to quickly rank for industry-related keywords.

Next Steps
We will continue to optimize for the keyword, “Fence Company SEO”, as well as starting to create blog posts on various ways a fence company can drive more revenue to their bottom line through digital marketing and SEO.

As we continue to build out the perfect fence directory for both the fence company and the user, we want to show what a listing on Fence Supply Near Me dot com would look like. You can view the AMD Supply listing here.

About Fence Supply Near Me

FenceSupplyNearMe.com is a national directory of fence companies, installers, contractors, suppliers, and fencing distributors throughout the United States.

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