Fence Supply Near Me Signs First Fence Company to List Their Business

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AMD Supply, a top rated PVC Fence and Aluminum Fence supplier in Florida has signed up with Fence Supply Near Me, a national directory of fence companies.

Orlando, Florida (PRUnderground) March 1st, 2021

Fence Supply Near Me is building a directory of fence companies throughout the United States with a soft pilot in South Florida. Fence companies are seeing an excessive boom in home sales with property owners upgrading their perimeter fences.

More and more users go to Google and other search engines to find fence company services “near” them. Fence Supply Near Me will be leveraging years of SEO knowledge in the manufacturing industry that has helped companies grow their business online and increase revenue up to 5.3x.

Fence Directory

Fence Supply Near Me is scheduled to launch Q4 2021 and has recently launched their first partnership with AMD Supply, a leading fence supply and PVC Fencing wholesale in Florida.

“We are excited to be working with AMD Supply and attract this high level of a fence company to Fence Supply Near Me dot com. Our fence directory is geared toward “near me’ searches that users are typing into Google every single day. As the only fence directory using the “near me” strategy for keyword rankings, we will be leveraging data from our 1st fence listing with AMD Supply to see how long it will take to drive positions within Google’s Top 100 keyword rankings”, mentions Marco Tulio, Senior Engineer at Fence Supply Near Me.

Fence Listing Design

The design of the business listing was geared towards the user and those on mobile devices. On the desktop, a user will be greeted with images of that fence company along with all the business information needed (Name, Email, Phone). As the potential lead continues to scroll down the page, there is a section for content (words, media, directions to location), and more business information – Google Maps, phone number, email, link to website, address, open / closing hours, and get a quote.

Fence companies have the ability to accept leads right from their page. As soon as a fence company signs up to be listed on FenceSupplyNearMe.com, we automatically add your email to start receiving leads. A good listing will include high quality images, YouTube videos, 400-600 words of content and a distribution strategy to get your listing ranking higher for fence related “near me” searches in your city.

Generate Fence Leads

The idea of Fence Supply Near Me dot com is to help fence companies get back some of their brand name searches within Google. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other BIG TECH companies don’t care about the small business; only about their profit. So advertising on these channels is effective as well but costs money. Fence Supply Near Me will harness the power of user intent with search. Over 9,000 searches alone for the keyword “fence supply near me” and over 1.4 million searches for related fence keywords (Data from SEMRush).

About Fence Supply Near Me

FenceSupplyNearMe.com is a national directory of fence companies, installers, contractors, suppliers, and fencing distributors throughout the United States.

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