Fighting Chance Solutions Gives Teachers A Way to Set 2019 School Safety Record With BOGO Deal

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Taking matters into their own hands to help teachers and students be safe, offers a Buy One Get One deal for “The Sleeve” no one should be without.

Muscatine, IA (PRUnderground) February 4th, 2019

Breaking a record nobody ever wanted to achieve; regrettably, America has set a new horrific bar.  Ninety-four incidents involving active violent teacher and student assaults put 2018 on record as the highest ever for school violence.  With a 60% increase since 2006, the United States saw an average of nearly two school violent security issues for every week in 2018.  What has become of the nation? It has created a team of entrepreneur educators who seek to not make a fortune off of the tragedy of others but rather, to give power back to the people. Determined to help teachers secure their classrooms with a simple solution and a BOGO sale for “The Sleeve,” wants to help save lives.

Now used in all 50 states, The Sleeve is a resilient 12 gauge carbon steel product fabricated to fit over door closer arms found on most outward swinging classroom doors.  Attached from the inside without any permanent modifications to the walls or doors of classrooms, The Sleeve secures the door from opening.  Tested under fire during a real event at UCLA, The Sleeve proved to be an effective and affordable solution for educators who found themselves on the front lines. 

Rising on the true grit of necessity being the mother of invention, Daniel Nietzel, the President of Fighting Chance Solutions said of having portable classroom door security, “This product was created by a team of educators in Iowa who refused to stand down when it came to protecting children from the unimaginable.  We just want teachers and students to be safe or, at the very least, have the option to be safe if a situation should occur.  A door barricade for school is as close as we get right now to teachers being able to take the safety of their classrooms into their own hands.”

Having launched a Buy One Get One (BOGO) deal to offset the cost of personal security, consumers need only to visit and add two or more of The Sleeve products to their cart.  At that time, the “BOGO Sleeve” notation will automatically appear, and the discount will be applied.  Moreover, consumers can designate where their free Sleeve goes. For instance, they can donate the free Sleeve to a school that cannot afford security upgrades. Or, PTAs or PTOs can purchase in bulk for their elementary schools and then donate their free sleeves to a partnering middle school.  

“If a school is in need of a donation program, they can register on our website.  We all have to pull together to make 2019 a banner year for school safety.  Every classroom, church, and daycare has the right to be as safe,” adds Nietzel.

For more information or to take advantage of the BOGO deal visit

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Founded in 2014, Fighting Chance Solutions is a school security company that provides consumers with products that help to secure classrooms from danger.

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