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Would you take a DNA test to determine relationship compatibility before your first date?

Vancouver, Canada (PRUnderground) February 11th, 2019

DNA Romance is a scientific matchmaking site that uses your DNA to predict romantic chemistry online. DNA Romance also uses Myers–Briggs personality types to determine personality compatibility. DNA Romance is used in over 92 countries with the only pre-requisite a DNA test. Customers can purchase DNA testing kits from DNA Romance directly, or transfer their raw autosomal DNA test data from companies like 23andMe. DNA Romance is easy to use just enter your biographic data, Myers-Briggs personality type, then upload your photograph and raw autosomal DNA data file, within 30min your matches are ready! Users can interact by sending emojis or messages, add them to a “maybe” list to review later, or simply delete them permanently. DNA Romance is free to use, but you will see advertisements. A one-time fee of ~$8 USD will be introduced on July 1st, 2019 to cover DNA Data processing and analysis of each new customer. DNA Romance has been recognized in the scientific community gaining citations in Nature Biotechnology and the European Journal of Human Genetics. An article published by Metro UK quoted eHarmony in stating that ‘This year, we’re seeing the green shoots of a DNA matching movement, with companies like DNA Romance measuring compatibility based on cheek swabs and body scents’.

Scientifically speaking “Romantic Chemistry” is determined by each person’s unique DNA code in the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC); a set of genes important for immune responses. People with very different MHC genes will tend to have chemistry, while people with similar MHC genes will find each other scent to smell repulsive. A recent study found that MHC-based attraction AKA “Chemistry” is just as important as personality in predicting second date offers. These genes also play a role partner choice in other vertebrates, in obligate pair-living lemurs couples with mismatched MHC genes tend to make an extra-pair partner selection– lemur affairs. Scientists have hypothesized that humans invented kissing as a way to test for chemistry and this biological phenomenon can even help explain a couple’s level of relationship satisfaction.

“In real life, your sense of smell is a natural radar to detect chemistry and aid us with partner choice in-person,” said Dr. Timothy Sexton co-founder of DNA Romance. To raise awareness for your natural ability to detect Chemistry in-person DNA Romance has teamed up with Vancouver’s top relationship coaches (Susan McCordNancy Deen, and Mimi Lauzon) to host in-person events including a scent/pheromone party on March 21st, and the world’s first DNA Matchmaking Party on April 25th International DNA Day.

About DNA Romance

DNA Romance uses genomics and other scientific methods for matchmaking. The company was incorporated in September 2014, launching the DNA matchmaking app in September 2017.

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