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Finding reliable YouTube services has been difficult, but brands including LenosTube are now back

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The YouTube marketing had a stormy period but, now, buyers can again choose their favorite service within top brands like LenosTube and many other.

London, United Kingdom (PRUnderground) April 7th, 2021

LenosTube is happy to announce that their services are back online. The YouTube market had a stormy period lasting several weeks, but now fairness and honesty seem to be back and the situation is again as it was before. What happened can’t be forgotten, but the leading YouTube marketing brands including LenosTube are glad to be back and hope that respect will prevail in the future. And this is without a doubt a good thing for customers too as they can rely on an honest market share when looking to purchase YouTube Ads Campaigns, YouTube promotion or, generally speaking, high quality YouTube services. In this article, we will see the whole story which now, hopefully, has come to an end.

Let’s rewind for a second the tape and go back a few months, to see what happened that shocked the YouTube marketing community. Something that not only harmed the most reliable providers who were leading the market but that, consequentially, also harmed all the hundred’s of people that every day browse the web to find quality YouTube marketing services for their channel and videos. Services like managed YouTube ads campaigns, organic promotion on Social Media and you name it.

So, in early 2021 everything was running smooth as usual. When people entered in Google search the YouTube marketing keywords they were interested to, such as “YouTube Ads Promotion” or “YouTube Ads Campaign”, they would find plenty of reliable providers on the search results and then pick the one they would like the most.

It was an ordinary market share scenario where different companies and website were offering the same service, each of them providing their own unique features and, on the other side, customers had plenty of great options to chose from.

But things changed when some providers, who couldn’t match the high quality level of top providers, decided to start sending fake removal requests to the leading business in an attempt to make it to the top and have a bigger share of the market. For a few weeks the scenario was like a war but eventually the leading brands, such as Viboom and LenosTube, team up to bring things back to normal in an honest and fair YouTube market.

team up that means more fair youtube market

It was a rough few months, but now the situation seems to be back to normal as it always should have been and, we can say, that the good and honest people eventually won.

LenosTube, leading YouTube marketing brand, admitted that it was a stressful situation, but now things are getting better. Marco, their CEO, said:

We are happy that things are getting back to normal and that the big brands, rather than fighting each other, decided to team up and bring fairness back to the market. But most importantly we are happy that customers who want to buy YouTube promotion, advertising or any other sort of premium marketing service can choose between reliable providers who care about customers rather than mere profit.

We will see what the future holds, but certainly a fair and honest YouTube market share is great news for buyers.

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LenosTube is a YouTube marketing agency popular for its unique services and modern approach to YouTube marketing. After being awarded as one of the fastest growing startups in Italy in 2018, it has now a worldwide presence reaching people from all over the world.

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