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Deal or no Deal?

New York, NY (PRUnderground) October 12th, 2021

Not all car dealerships are created equal. Some will bend over backward to help you find the car of your dreams, while others will leave a bad taste in your mouth. If you don’t want to experience the pang of regret every time you get behind the wheel, take a look at CarBuzz’s list of dealerships that will give you what you need.

Jumping to the Front of the Line

Sometimes, you really can’t afford to wait for financing, which is why Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) is such a tempting option. Not every dealership offers this type of in-house financing, and being able to get a loan when you have no credit or a bad credit record is a solution that many can make use of. These types of dealerships don’t rely on credit checks, and instead, require confirmation of a salary in order to provide you with a loan. Regardless of whether or not you fall into this category, if you want to get behind the wheel of one of the most popular cars on the market right now, take a look at some of these buy here pay here SUVs.

The Pros and Cons

That said, there is no such thing as a perfect deal, and dealerships that accept bad credit come with their own advantages and disadvantages:


  • Good chance that they will accept you, despite bad credit

  • It makes the whole process much quicker

  • More leeway with trade-ins


  • Terrible interest rates

  • Possibility of repossession means they track the car

  • Limited selection of cars

  • Unlikely to positively affect your credit rating


Playing it Safe

It’s pretty clear that going the BHPH route can be a bit of a gamble, so it may be worth considering the alternatives. You probably won’t have time to simply improve your credit score, so maybe look at asking a credit union for help. If you’re lucky enough to have good friends who may be willing to co-sign your loan, you could get better rates on financing. This might be your best option if you’re looking at truck dealerships since these cars are often quite pricey, although there are some that may offer Buy Here Pay Here services. 

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