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Fine Food Launches to Offer Gourmet Spices and More – From Our Table to Yours!

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At Fine Food Panetrie you;ll find gourmet salts, spices and more to help create a delicious meal that everyone will enjoy.

United States (PRUnderground) May 30th, 2013

At Fine Food Panetrie you’ll find gourmet salts, spices and more to help create a delicious meal that everyone will enjoy. The products are available now, both online and also in brick and mortar store – North Street Pharmacy in Greenwich, CT.

Founder Martha Frommert Kausch created the brand to honor her mother, Linda Boyajian Frommert.  “Creating my brand has been a labor of love.  Revisiting fond childhood memories of my mother’s cooking where she “served up a little love each day” has been the inspiration and passion for every dish I create and serve to my family and friends.  Fine Food Panetrie is really about Family, Friends, Food and Laughter, something all of us could use a little bit more of”.

You don’t have to be an expert cook to bring a meal to the table.  The site will feature cooking and entertaining tips, recipes and tips for how to use the products. If you are either too busy to cook or new to cooking, you’ve found your “best kept secret” in the kitchen!

We are a U.S.A company, with products proudly created in the U.S.A.. Our spices and salts come from around the world, but are blended in the U.S.A..  The brands artwork, packaging and materials were all sourced in the U.S.A. working with small home grown family businesses.

The product line includes Spices, Salts, Baking Mixes and Seasoning & Dips. The ingredients are simple to use and many are sugar free, certified organic and kosher.  Kausch’s mother Linda Boyajian Frommert is known for being inspired by both her Portuguese heritage and her collection of New England style cookbooks.

Try Herbs de Provence to add DELICIOUSNESS to tomatoes, potatoes, pizza sauce, salads, fish (before roasting), cheese, stews and soups. Or sprinkle over hot coals to smoke your chops or steaks. It contains a luxury blend of Basil, Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender and Savory.

For an indulgent meal try the Black Truffle Salt. With Italian mushroom flavor infused in sea salt. The Black truffles and pure sea salt crystals have a unique delicious flavor that will be remembered in any meal, perfect for roasted vegetables, seafood, popcorn or with olive oil to dip bread.

Complete any table with that perfect accompaniment. Try our Focaccia. This mix is the perfect canvas for your creation in the kitchen.You’ll find many delicious ingredients to add that special touch to your next meal, at Fine Food Panetrie – from our table to yours!

About Boyajian Fine Cooking DBA Fine Food Panetrie

Fine Food Panetrie offers Gourmet Salts, Spices and other perfect accompaniments for your Panetrie. Love of Cooking, Entertaining and DELICIOUSNESS embodies the passion behind Fine Food Panetrie. Simple, pure, aromatic Gourmet Salts & Spices as well as kitchen staples with natural ingredients with little to no sugar and salt offered to culinary \\\’artists\\\’ and those who desire to be, Fine Food Panetrie was born with them in mind.

My Little Company, Fine Food Panetrie is about Food, Family, Entertaining and Laughter, a tribute to my mother, a kitchen goddess and my parents who to this day have the art of entertaining mastered.

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