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First-time author Raj Arneja shares her journey to motherhood through adoption in her book – Love at First Sight: A Mother’s Journey to Adoption

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Vancouver, British Columbia (PRUnderground) August 6th, 2020

Most women hope to become mothers someday but the journey to motherhood is not always the same for everyone. Some mothers have to wait much longer than others and some may not even get a chance to experience this joy. Such is the story of Raj Arneja, Director of Corporate Engagement and Philanthropy at Nanak Foods for whom motherhood was a dream until her children Kabir and Kirti walked into her life. Raj’s two children are adopted. While there was a lot of stigma surrounding adoption in the early 90’s, especially in the South Asian community, Raj broke the stereotypes and went ahead anyway. Her story is one of inspiration and love as she travelled thousands of miles from Canada to India for adoption which led her to a happiness beyond her own expectations.

Raj Arneja is a first-time author who recently announced the launch of her first book “Love at First Sight: A Mother’s Journey to Adoption,” which beautifully chronicles her journey to adoption and outlines experiences which were life-changing for her. She describes her path to finding her children as the most gratifying of all.

Raj has faced many obstacles in life but the toughest was not being able to have children. Nevertheless, her “Never Give Up” attitude brought her real happiness, in the form of her two children Kabir (27) and Kirti (23). Kabir is now a corporate lawyer while Kirti is a talented vocalist who has performed and toured with a Bollywood celebrity.

Being born and raised in the Canadian South Asian community where family, lineage and bloodline are a matter of pride and adoption is most often frowned upon, Raj has set a high benchmark by making unconventional choices. She has certainly brought about a change in mindsets about adoption in her community.

‘Love at First Sight: A Mother’s Journey to Adoption’ is not just for women, young or old, it is for everyone to understand how we can change multiple lives through adoption, how overcoming this stigma can be a big step towards becoming a progressive society in the most true sense.

Announcing the launch, Raj Arneja said, “A woman’s worth is constantly judged by her role as a mother or as a wife in society. The judgements that come with the pain of not being able to bear a child, makes the whole experience a lot more painful. People often forget that bearing a child does not make a woman a mother; it is her unconditional love for her children that makes her one. Not for anyone else, but I wanted to be a mother to discover my own self. My book is branched out of this very hope to bring about a much-needed change in perspective about adoption.”

In a modern society, where success often takes women on a path away from their families and intimate bonds, Raj Arneja found her truest comfort in coming home – to her children. She added, “I have loved my kids with all my flesh and blood and this book is taken from my journey of courage and resilience that blessed me with this beautiful experience – motherhood.”

Love at First Sight: A Mother’s Journey to Adoption is aimed at breaking the stigma around adoption and by sharing her journey, Raj hopes this will inspire others to take a chance on life and parenthood.

The book is now available on Amazon:


About Raj Arneja

Born into an immigrant family and raised in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, Raj’s childhood memories are full of colourful stories of supporting family and friends as they settled into their new country and adjusted to new customs and traditions. Raj works hard at building relationships within the community through her work at Nanak Foods. She directs the company’s philanthropic initiatives, including strategy, programming, and partnership development, and the day-to-day operation of all corporate contributions. Raj also sits on various boards, where she adds value through her skills and experience. She is a well-known entity in the South Asian community in the Vancouver area. Raj enjoys supporting various charitable, non-profit community organizations, including the Seva Thrift Society, VISAFF, and two girls’ orphanages in Punjab. Raj strongly feels that humanity has no borders and we should reach out and help wherever we are able to, regardless of race, gender or nationality. Raj lives in Surrey, British Columbia, with her husband and 2 children. She is an avid traveler and has travelled to over 60 countries, many times with her children and to some as a volunteer.

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