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Personal injury lawyers get a bad rap. Which is why the personal injury law firm, Fisher Stark, P.A. works harder to balance the scales of justice for the injured

Asheville, NC (PRUnderground) April 20th, 2020

In court rooms across America, visitors will often find a picture or statute of the Lady of Justice, a blindfolded woman holding a sword and balance scales.

The blindfold represents the impartiality and objectivity of the law. The law does not let outside factors, such as fame, wealth or politics, influence its decisions.

The sword symbolizes the enforcement of justice. The sword is bare and visible as a sign that justice is transparent and is not a tool of fear. The sword is used to enforce the ruling of the Court as well as protect or defend an innocent party.

The balanced scales represent the obligation of the law to weigh the evidence presented to the court. Each side of a legal case is evaluated in order to have justice. Therefore, it is important for both sides to be equally represented.

Sadly, this is not always the case.

In a personal injury case, well-funded insurance companies will have an experienced representative fighting to give out as little as possible. At Fisher Stark, P.A., we strive to ensure the scales are balanced in order to protect the injured.

Despite what stereotypes describe, personal injury lawyers do want to help people to heal, move past painful experiences and get fair compensation for their injuries.

Fisher Stark is a trial law firm that focuses on fully representing the injured in court. We understand and can help clients get the justice and fair compensation they deserve.

About Fisher Stark P.A.

Fisher Stark, P.A. is a highly respected personal injury law firm in Asheville, NC. They provide experienced legal help for clients in Buncombe County and some parts of Western North Carolina. Collectively, their team of attorneys – Perry Fisher and Brad Stark – have more than 40 years of trial practice and have participated in hundreds of personal injury and accident jury trials, and helped many others resolve their claims or cases fairly. They work hard to get clients the justice & fair compensation they deserve. Call Fisher Stark, P.A. at 828-505-4300 for a free consultation.

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