Fitango Health Expands Platform with Social Determinants of Health

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Fitango Health adds a key module to their digital health application to assist organizations by promoting access to healthy offerings in their communities.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) August 25th, 2017

Fitango Health, a leading provider of digital health technology, released an innovative module today to support concepts in ‘Social Determinants of Health’.  Social determinants of health are “the determining and structural conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age” as they apply to a person’s health.  These factors can include socioeconomic status, education, the physical environment, employment, and social support networks, as well as general or geographical access to health care.

With Fitango Health, care providers can refer or invite their patients to various types of health-related ‘programs’ within the immediate vicinity of the patient by utilizing geo-location technology.  The extended platform facilitates ‘social service’ visits as part of the overall patient engagement and care management modules.

“Over the last few years, social determinants have become an important component in improving the overall population health and supporting value-based initiatives,” stated James Lane, Director of Product at Fitango Health, “We’d like to see this move toward mainstream usage, and extend the service to people wherever they are, whether they are chronic or preventive care patients.”

While using the new module through Fitango Health, patients can search for specific programs by searching or going to their dropdown menu and selecting “Social Resources” where they can also request or print their appointments.   Care providers can also initiate the process by sending a referral or setting up an appointment between the patient and the program.  When an appointment or a referral is sent, both the social program and the patient will receive a notification through the platform.

The Fitango Health suite helps patients better understand and be more involved in their health through a range of engagement mechanisms that are competitive, social and fun.  Compliance tools track adherence to medications and personal plans, and points can be awarded for positive behaviors.  Patients can invite family and friends to act as Motivators, allowing them to receive alerts when they are non-compliant with their plans.  Fitango Health also helps providers to understand and address the ever-changing health of their patient populations with the platform’s analytics and outreach capabilities.

“Fitango Health’s collaborative system allows providers to extend care beyond their point-of-care facilities and provides a mechanism to intervene with patients to ensure a healthier population with improved outcomes,” said Fiona Kan, Director of Business Development at Fitango Health.

About Fitango Health

Fitango Health, an innovative, digital health solution, was founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and healthcare specialists. Our mission is to help healthcare organizations move towards value-based care through improved monitoring of collaborative care, reducing unnecessary hospitalizations, and increasing care plan adherence at a lower cost. We aim to extend care beyond the point-of-care with the goal of a healthier population overall.

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