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Ottawa, Ontario (PRUnderground) April 6th, 2023

People today can never imagine a life without the internet nowadays. Most of our day-to-day needs have been digitalized today for our convenience. This makes our life easier. But it has negative aspects too. We can never say that our privacy is secured. There is a network of people working to steal data which is more valuable in this internet-driven world. They use a variety of ways to breach our privacy and get to know about our personal information and various other things that are private. Spyware is the most important type of malicious software that is used for the purpose says, NeoLore Networks Inc. Recent ThreeBestRated® award winner for 2023. They feel it is their responsibility to educate common people about spyware. Let us hear from them,


In simple words, Spyware is a type of malware that will extract your personal details and activities on the internet when your computer or mobile phone is affected by it. The problem is that it can easily attach and affect your operating system without your knowledge. It is never recognizable too as it does not affect the functioning of your systems. With its secret presence, It will easily collect your data and monitor your activities. Below listed are the common entry methods of spyware into your system,

Trojans: In simple words, it is a kind of malware that pretends to be something which it is not actually. These spywares are mostly used by cyber criminals to spread other kinds of malware like viruses, ransomware, etc.

Free Software: Commonly called freeware. They may have malicious plugins, add-ons or extensions. If your device is affected by this spyware, It will be difficult to recover the device even after uninstalling the software.

Misineruption By Marketing: The internet is filled with advertisements. Spyware authors always find ways to propagate spyware as useful tools that might impress you and make you use the corrupted software.

Phishing & Spoofing: These threats are often used in tandem. Phishing happens when you click any unknown malware links. Forms and emails to collect your information are referred to as spoofing.

Vulnerability In Security: Backdoors and exploits are the common security vulnerabilities that can gain unauthorized access through bugs. Exploits will be used to gain initial access to install a permanent backdoor for future access, exclaims the expert.

What Makes NeoLore Networks Inc. The Best Option?

NeoLore Networks Inc. is a 100% locally owned IT solution provider that provides the best IT Support and IT Management in the Ottawa Area. NeoLore Networks’ team helps you design an IT budget and plan to maintain your systems and avoid unexpected problems. Their team of trained professionals is dedicated to offering you a personal experience while bringing reliable and smart service to businesses in the Ottawa area. The company is driven by its passion for offering outstanding service and support to every client with its personalized client network support solutions backed up by comprehensive Management and Support Systems. This has managed them to get a spot in ThreeBestRated® listing after their 50-Point Inspection. They’ll also go over company scalability with cloud services and the benefits of increased security for your business. NeoLore Networks Inc. has a branch in the United States. To avail of their efficient and cost-effective service contact

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