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Langley, Canada (PRUnderground) February 24th, 2023

Will is the legal document that includes the details about what to be done with your property, to whom to be transferred, and so on. Creating a Will is a crucial process to carry your legacy forward to your children/spouse to ensure their well-being even after your death. That’s why everyone needs to have one.

But unfortunately many don’t – because people think that wills are essential for people who have substantial financial assets. A tidbit is that regardless of the size and value of your assets, everyone can create their own will. But unfortunately, many don’t have enough knowledge on Will Preparation, So here we have experts from Zancope Notary Public from Langley, BC., list out five crucial things that everyone should know about Wills. And, here they are…

  1. Many people think that preparing and managing Wills are complex and knotty tasks, but it is pretty much easier and effortless than you think.
  2. To get your documentation done, you don’t need to wait until you settle down in your life. No matter how young or old you are, you can create the Will as soon as you become an adult, and there is no specific time/circumstance to write it.
  3. Your Will will include everything and everyone in your life at the time you die, so we address them in categories. The main reason you don’t need to worry about updating with any life change.
  4. Creating a Will doesn’t cost you high, but rather it saves your beneficiaries a lot of money. Because when you don’t have a Will, your next of kin must spend a lot to apply to the court to be able to deal with your estate. With your Will, they can save money and time.
  5. As many people think, the Will is not unchangeable. If you find it no longer expresses your wish, you can amend your Will. For instance, if you have a Will already, and you marry or divorce after that, you can and need to amend the Will to prevent it from passing to unwanted beneficiaries.

About Zancope Notary Public:

Zancope Notary Public is a multi-time ThreeBestRated® award-winning Notary public firm founded by Flavia Zancope. Flavia has a Master’s degree in Applied Legal Studies (MALLS) and Business Administration (MBA) that enable her to give her clients the confidence and help they need at the most crucial time in their life.

Her team of extensively trained and knowledgeable notaries strives to make sure the clients are comfortable and have enough knowledge about the transaction they are doing. As the firm emphasizes customer-centric service, they are always ready to welcome the clients’ questions and opportunities to help them gain a better understanding of how legal processes work.

Their personalized and tailored approach guarantees the best possible outcomes for every task they undertake. “Our clients become friends. That shows how personable our services are. From the first call to the last signature, each of our staff members is working to bring clarity and certainty to the client’s legal concern.” – exclaims the firm.

A Happy Announcement!

The firm is excited to announce two things – their new office location which is located across from the Langley Events Centre and they are able to thereafter serve the entire province (BC) with apostille (International Document Legalization). With this progress in the work they do, the firm says, “we can assist many people who need international documents for fertility clinics like surrogate process or international specimen handling, etc. Anyone with a document to be used abroad that needs to be signed in BC, WE CAN HELP!”.

On being listed on ThreeBestRated®, Flavia says, “as most clients search online for information before committing to hiring them, being listed on ThreeBestRated® and carrying its seal simplifies this part by saving research time. And, many clients mentioned that they found us on the ThreeBestRated®”.

You can expect all kinds of services in Will and Estate Planning, Real Estate, International Document Legalization/Apostille, and Notarizations. To Book, an appointment with them, tap here:

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