Fix & Feed Strives to Provide Home Improvement Solutions For Sulphur Springs Locals This Winter

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Sulphur Springs, TX- Fix & Feed is a Sulphur Spring local hardware and feed store. It’s a family-owned and managed business operating for 25 years to provide home improvement and project management solutions to homeowners, contractors, plumbers, and DIYers all over Texas. They aim to offer high-quality products at affordable prices to make dream projects a reality.

Sulphur Springs, TX (PRUnderground) January 18th, 2023

Fix & Feed was born in 1995 when Bobby Hill, the founder, bought a shopping center in Commerce, Texas, to expand the business of his father, a grocery shop owner in Ladonia, with a well-equipped hardware store. Bobby believed this kind of business would greatly serve the Commerce community. Still, he found that no hardware retailers were interested in participating, so he chased the dream to finally open the store in 1996.

Since then, Fix & Feed has expanded to other areas in Texas to serve their community with a wide range of supplies, tools, and resources to fulfill any home improvement project. Homeowners can access all materials, such as paint, building materials, plumbing fixtures, electrical supplies, and more! The company states that no matter the weather, they are always the “local folks with local solutions.”

This statement has led them to keep working with a friendly face throughout the winter to bring warmth and comfort to Sulphur Springs and its locals. Home improvement projects are always common when the cold season comes, as the cold weather can damage one’s home. Fix & Feed is determined to help Sulphur Springs residents with their projects during this time.

This hardware store in Sulphur Springs, TX presents various solutions for homeowners to keep their homes in good condition during winter. The products they recommend the most during this season include:

  • Outside faucet covers.
  • House pipe insulation.
  • Pipe heat tape.
  • De-icers for stock tanks.
  • Brooder lamps.

If you are looking for a home improvement store in Sulphur Springs, TX this winter, Fix & Feed always has its doors open. Bobby and his family assure clients will find friendly staff to assist them in any project they have in mind. Homeowners can obtain all the materials, tools, and resources needed to make all their home improvement projects possible this winter. Visit their stores or contact them at (903) 885-7917. Happy Home Improvement!


Phone: (903) 885-7917

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